Chris Cillizza's 2008 Presidential Rankings

Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post has resumed his regular 2008 presidential candidate rankings:

"In previous presidential lines, we've chosen not to rank the candidates by their likelihood of winning their party's nomination -- choosing instead to just list the five with the best chance at the nomination. No more. Starting today we rank order the five candidates in each party best positioned to become their party's standard bearer."

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Jockeying For 2008 Begins

USAToday takes a look as the jockeying for position in 2008 begins.

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Murtha/Edwards 2008

Is a MURTHA/EDWARDS ticket for 2008 so outrageous? All comments welcome! Is MURTHA even eligible?  

P. S. I like John Edwards for VIP and I think he's a good guy.

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Richardson: The Real '08 Dark Horse?

There's a very interesting first-person account of Bill Richardson's trip to New Hampshire this past weekend in The American Spectator.

The Spectator is a right-wing magazine. However, the piece about Richardson seems reasonably fair.

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The REAL State of the Union by Wes Clark-audio

As we sit and listen to this dissembling jerk of an Attorney  General I wanted MyDD to know that I've stripped the audio of the speech made at The New America Foundation meeting on 1.30.06.

It is a brilliant speech and such a breath of fresh air compared to the bullshit we are hearing on C-Span.

The speech is in Flash Audio and therefore without 'download'. This particular server is optimized for IE (Internet Explorer)so FireFox users like myself need to grit their teeth and open IE! <sigh>

Check it out at The Political Dogfight.


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