I gotcher Obama right here sucka...

Forget the personality stuff...the I hate Obama mantra from the netroots...the netroots need to focus on the issues and the people who are on the right side of the issues.

1. Voting - we need to clean it up and get more people voting since progressive issues do better the more people vote.  Kerry, Wyden and Obama sponsored a bill to fund voting by mail which solves a whole raft of voting issues, machine issues, turnout issues, etc.

2. Oil/Energy - we need to cut our oil use and eliminate oil imports via conservation and new technology are key.  Obama voted for the 40mpg standard and for hybrid car incentive for US industry.

3. Iraq - get out. US will be out before 2008 election so candidates who have track record saying don't go in are the ones to have. Obama one of the few who spoke up while running for office and said don't go in.

4. Civil rights.  We need to get back right of habeas corpus. Obama has spoken out on restoring habeas corpus taken away by Patriot Act.

Those are some of the key issues that US needs to address.

Hey...lookitthat...Obama's a leader on all of them...and he's charismatic and he can articulate the issues and he appeals across party lines.

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Hillary Clinton Gets Her First Major Endorsement In New Hampshire

Veteran New Hampshire political operative Rep. Jim Splaine, state represenative of Portsmoth and Newington, strongly endorsed a Hillary Clinton candidacy in his NH Insider blog today. Splaine, sponsor of New Hampshire's First In The Nation primary legislation, has been involved in the presidential campaigns of a number of candidates over the years including John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Bobby Kennedy, George McGovern, Sargent Shriver, Ted Kennedy, Walter Mondale, Jessie Jackson, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Howard Dean.

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Iowa Caucus May Have Instant Online Reporting Of Results

There are several stories in the blogosphere today indicating that the 2008 Iowa caucus may feature instant online reporting on the Internet of results at the precinct level.

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Edwards And Clark Still In Debt From 2004 Race

An AP story this morning that Wesley Clark and John Edwards are still in debt from their 2004 presidential runs. Debts are still owed to many small vendors.

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New Pew 2008 Poll

A new Pew poll shows Sen. Hillary Clinton still the frontrunner for the 2008 Democratic nomination followed by a strong second by Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL). Rudy Giuliani is slightly ahead of  Sen. John McCain in the GOP race with a surprising strong third place showing by Conleezza Rice.



Clinton 39
Obama 23
Edwards 10
Gore 10
Kerry 7
Biden 2
Richardson 1
Feingold 1


Giuliani 28
McCain 26
Rice 20
Romney 7
Gingrich 6
Frist 4
Brownback 1

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