Pat Buchanan is repping Dennis Kucinich

Pat Buchanan just said that "there was a little man on that stage" that really just took that debate.  Yes Pat Buchanan was repping Dennis Kucinich.  He cited his universal health-care plan and other progressive plans as strong points that Dennis made.  Amazing.

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Hitwise sample data showing website usage

BusinessWire posted a sample of Hitwise's analysis of the usage of the various presidential campaign's websites.

On the Republican side I was not particularly surprised to see Ron Paul taking the lion's share of the website usage percentage (at 44%), but I was surprised that two supposed front runners lagged so far behind, Mitt Romney rocking a paltry 16% and Giuliani a measly 11.78%.  

Again not entirely surprising, but on the Democrat chart we can see that Obama is leading the pack with a 40% market share while his nearest rival, Hillary is down around 20%.  Given that an incredible amount of  Obama's fund raising has been done online with many individual donors and the support he has garnered amongst the Netroots crowd in comparison to Hillary this should come as no great surprise.  Plus I hear he's got a FaceBook group  or two.

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What would Sam Nunn do to the Presidential race

The latest person floating his name to run for President as an independent is former Georgia Democratic Senator Sam Nunn.  He was one of the founding members of the DLC and the author of Don't Ask Don't tell.  Of all the candidates think about a third party run I believe he has the best ability to make an impact and maybe even win a state.  I do not think he could win but he could be on par to George Wallace in 1968 and Ross Perot in 1992.  If he runs it could change to the current body politic.  It may well need changing, but is he willing to run a race he is very likely to lose just to that?  

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The Republican Party is in worse shape than I'd realized

My dad was a Rockefeller Republican. He was disappointed by the turn the party took in the 1980s and 1990s, and though he died before George W. Bush was selected president, I've always felt that he would have definitively made the break from the GOP during this decade.

At the same time, I've felt that the number of disenchanted Rockefeller Republicans (liberal on social issues and supportive of things like progressive taxation and the estate tax) is not big enough to cost the GOP much in the electoral arena.

Tonight I ran into a former colleague of my father's, whom I hadn't seen in a long time. It was an eye-opening conversation to me; the circle of Republicans who are disgusted by their party's standard-bearers is broader than I had realized.

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Vote Hope's California Challenge: Beat Iowa

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For too many years, those of us who live outside of small states like Iowa and New Hampshire have not had much of a say in the important process of determining the Democratic Party nominee for president.

But that's all going to change in 2008. With California's primary now set for Feb. 5, the Golden State will actually be among the first to cast votes - in vote-by-mail ballots that will hit mailboxes as soon as the first week in January.

A new independent grass-roots effort supporting Barack Obama, called Vote Hope, will be capitalizing on that fact by running a field campaign to bank 500,000 early votes for Obama in California. This represents more Democrats than voted total in the Iowa and New Hampshire primaries in 2004.

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