Students to Turn Up Heat on Presidential Candidates

What's the saying? If you can't take the heat then get out of the kitchen? The kitchen is about to get even hotter. Starting this Saturday, students nationwide are mobilizing to turn up the heat on the Presidential candidates to details their plans on key issues. More and more young people are voting and they're going to be flexing their muscle in the upcoming months with Presidential candidates. Students in eight states will be trailing the Presidential candidates at campaign appearances throughout the coming weekend asking the candidates to detail their plans on global warming. This is part of a new national campaign called What's Your Plan? to convince Presidential candidates to pay attention to young people and to address key issues such as global warming and college affordability. Keep your eye out for these students in your state! MORE INFORMATION:

A plan to end the war

I have a simple idea for the democrats.  Clinton, Obama, and Biden should sit down together and work out a plan/solution/consensus.  I can't even comprehend what kind of statement this would be for the democrats.  It would show leadership and a plan from the presidential candidates and for the Democratic party.  The media would not be able to control themselves.  All the time they discuss what this means, they will be saying "the Democratic plan to end the war".  I think it could be historic and it could gain such momentum that it would put pressure on all the dems to unite, the media to report, the republicans to vote, and the voters to pay attention.

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