Day 2

I have recieved a second e-mail fro John McCain, Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee and Ron Paul.

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Day 1

Today, I signed up for e-mail newsletters for all nine announced Republicans seeking the office of President.  I will be writing this diary about what the candidates tell their supporters, how much money they ask for, and whatever actions they want their people to take.

Some first impressions:

These candidates sure do want a lot of information!  I was not willing to give my address to Rudy Giuliani, so as far as he knows, I am now bunking with President Bush.

Also, the candidates are not very clever.  Team Tancredo, teammitt, and Duncan Hunter eLeaders are the names of the organizations that I have joined.

Lastly, only six of the nine candidates sent me something immediately.  Huckabee, actor Thompson and Brownback are yet to sent an e-mail to  Hmmmmmm.

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9/11: Can America finally move on?

The two diaries that I've written so far have been opinon pieces, and I was blasted by some in the comments for not having any links, despite the nature of an opinion piece as, well, opinion. So I've made it a priority to squeeze a ton of links into this particular diary.

The phrase "9/11 changed everything" has been repeated so often in the last six years that whatever meaning it had is now gone. Of course, 9/11 changed a great deal, enabling Bush to lead the country into two wars (though we would probably be in Iraq even if 9/11 hadn't happened), and our national mindset is defnitely different than it was prior to the attacks. But to assert that the United States will never be the same seems to be stretching it a little. The country's gone through the revolution, the Civil War, two world wars, and the Cold War, and while each of these events changed America, some sense of normalcy was always reasserted after they passed.

I'm ready for the normalcy to return, in terms of our post-9/11 mindset. Everything we've done after 9/11 has been a disaster: the Taliban are back in force in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq is obviously a complete failure, New Orleans was a watery hell for several days because homeland security had their attention elsewhere, and al-Qaeda is back to their 2001 strength, despite the billions we've spent trying to destroy them for six years. I say, let's move on, and I suspect that many Americans feel the same way.

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"Obama Worship"

This is a topic that's been bothering me for quite some time now, and I think that writing a diary about it will be the best way to get it off my chest, rather than endlessly debating it in the comments.

As a fairly regular reader of MyDD, and as an Obama supporter, I can't help but notice a recurring theme in the comments about the presidential race. There seems to be a tendency for the supporters of other candidates to sometimes dismiss Obama supporters as so uninformed about or charmed by or enamored with Barack Obama that we clearly overlook the real issues. I've even seen it referred to as "Obama Worship." The gist of this idea is that because Obama is a charismatic and captivating politician (some might say "rock star"), then hi supporters are drawn not to the issues he stands for, but to his star power. I've seen comments that say Obama supporters are blind followers of a media creation. A diary I wrote was referred to as "the Church of Obama." One lovely commenter even went so far as to suggest that I didn't know the meaning of my user name (if anyone was wondering, it comes from the famous sticker that Woody Guthrie would put on his guitar), because one of the tenets of fascism was the blind, rabid support of a single leader.

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Edwards, Running Left, and Cancer

     John Edwards doesn't have terminal cancer. His wife Elizabeth does, but that doesn't disqualify him from the Presidency.
     I'd rather judge him by the same criteria as the other candidates. What's he stand for? Who is he? Can he win? Would he make a good President?
     Past the fold, read the rest of my take on Edwards' campaign, cross posted from my own blog, Ro's Practical Politics.

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