Counting On the "Popular Will"

Few Buzz terms get thrown about so often or so wildly during this primary season than that noble sounding very democratic phrase; "the popular will". Mostly its use is coupled with demands that it be honored, and dire warnings about the ruin that lies in store for the Democratic Party if "the Popular Will" is "overturned" by Super Delegates at the 2008 Democratic Convention.

When rhetoric is removed from substance however, what remains is a simple assertion, namely a claim that whichever Democratic candidate enters the 2008 Democratic Convention holding a lead in pledged delegates embodies "the popular will", and with that an inherent implicit democratic right to become the 2008 Democratic presidential nominee. Flowing from that assumption come dark warnings voiced by some about efforts to "steal" the nomination from its otherwise rightful heir through some sort of Super Delegate engineered "coup".  

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Top 10 Inane Profane & otherwise Flame arguments used versus Hillary Clinton

I understand and accept that fair criticism of Hillary Clinton is certainly possible, including some on matters related to what I include on my list below.  But I think most folks reading this in good faith can acknowledge the difference between what I am discussing here and fair criticism.

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Current talking point attack lies about Hillary Clinton's campaign

Current Attack Meme Lie Number One:

"Hillary has no chance of winning" feeds into...

Current Attack Meme Lie Number Two:

"Hillary must now only be in this to make Barack Obama lose the election" (so she can run in 2012) which feeds into...

Current Attack Meme Lie Number Three:

"Hillary really wants McCain to become President and hopes to be in his Administration"

These are the current talking points being used to take down Hillary Clinton. They have been seeded into the echo chamber. It doesn't matter that they are lies, they are good ways of tearing Hillary Clinton down.

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MyDD Poetry Jam

Last week a diarist put up An Ode to Clinton's Narcissism. Setrak had the great idea that everyone should respond in poetry. I'm attempting to resurrect that idea. Here were my two entries into that thread:

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Will Obama and Clinton supporters grow up before the GE?

This will be a short diary. I am frankly over the primaries. Whoever wins, I will support.

What I do have a problem with going forward are the supporters. Do you think for one moment that you will not need each other in the general election? If you do, you are delusional. I don't care who you support. Clinton will need Obama. Obama will need Clinton. What we don't need is the immaturity that passes for commentary to spill over into the general.

Who wins if this vitriol spills over into the general? That's an easy one- John McCain and the Republican Party. Who loses? Again- an easy one- the Democrats and the American people.

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