Making an Invisible Minority Less Invisible

The establishment media did a poor job of covering race issues in the 2008 campaign. Award-winning journalist Walter Brasch explains why.

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John McCain Rolls Over

It's 3am.  The nation is in crisis.  And John McCain just told the Situation Room to call back in the morning.

Maybe because he's so old.  Maybe his brain doesn't work so well under stress.  Or maybe he's completely out of his element.  But the McCain campaign's blatent attempts to keep people from asking them questions is the same thing as telling us to call back in the morning.

How the hell can we expect him to take on Vladamir Putin?  Or, hell, Nancy Pelosi?

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So Sad. Obama is doing a terrible job.

Obama really seems to think that he can argue his way to the White House.  If he calls the McCain camp cynical enough, the voters will be reassured and like him, as if the voters know what the word means.

He's the God-awful, terrible choice I always assumed he would be.  

Vain.  Smug.  So politics as usual.  FISA? Flip-flop.  New drilling?  Flip-flop.  I understand the need for compromise, but his flip-flops have the stink of desperation all over them.  Its kind of sad.

All I can say, really, is that Hillary Clinton would not have stood around, staring at herself in the mirror and let the McCain camp plot, plan, and execute as they wished.  

Is it too late for her, seriously?

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McCain's "A blog you can believe in"

Okay, maybe I am the last to find out.  But just in case I am not, do you know that there is something called the "McCain Report" on McCain's web site? And that the sub-title for the Report is, I kid you not, "A blog you can believe in."  Just how sad is this?  The McCain people can't even come up with their own slogans.  (And this is not the only use of Obama slogans on the site.)

Below is currently (June 16, 1:00 AM EST) the first entry on the blog.  First, they don't get (or want to get) Obama's joke, that is, his play on the quotation from "The Untouchables," and second, they make a weak stab at humor.  I don't think that this is an organization that has much going for it.....We shall see.

"Posted at 11:47 AM on 6/14/2008 by Michael Goldfarb
Obama Flip-Flop on Gun Control? Or New Politics? Or Both?

Barack Obama appeared at a fundraiser in Philadelphia last night where he delivered the following remark:

     'If they bring a knife to the fight, we bring a gun.'

A couple thoughts from McCain HQ on this. First, Barack Obama has a long track record as a proponent of stringent gun-control regulations--to the point that a questionnaire filled out by his staff, and with the candidate's handwriting on it, stated that Obama favored a ban on the manufacture, sale, and distribution of handguns. Can we assume that Senator Obama now opposes efforts to ban the possession of handguns?

Second, would Obama be carrying a concealed weapon to this fight? Will he have a permit?

And finally, we're having second thoughts about our proposed series of town halls."


"A Dozen Reasons Why McCain Won't Win: Money-Back Guarantee"

And for fun for BSG fans, who know something about McCain:
"The Twelfth Cylon Revealed"

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God Bless America

God bless America and the freedoms we have. It may sound trite, but  it is a heartfelt sentiment. With all the bitterness and name calling, and the insults,real and imagined this is one of the best countries on earth. We just had primaries for both the Democratic and Republican parties and no one was killed in the name of politics.

Today's news is reporting that Morgan Tsvangirai, the opposition leader in Zimbabwe, and some of his followers were arrested while campaigning. Some of them were beaten, and h himself has been beaten previously. For those of you following the Zimbabwe's election, you may remember that it is thought that he received a majority of the votes, but President Mugabe refused to concede. The results were not published, and a run-off was ordered.

Our system may be flawed, but we can speak out without fear of retribution. Today at the start of the general election season we should pause to give thanks for our country. We should be grateful that a woman, an Afican-American male, and a 72 year old war hero can occupy the stage and engage in heated war of words, and end up working together in some fashion.

For that I say,"God bless America."

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