Gore ENDS Presidential hopes today

Gore's testimony and opening statement today were just excruciating.  You could practically here the circus music playing while he nonsensically rambled on.  Okay, Gore... you HATE capitalism, you HaTE America.  Okay, we get it.  But making up nonsense like Global "warming"???

The "facts" in his movie have been roundly discredited with many of the scientists he quoted claiming the "documentary" misquoted them or distorted what they said.  

Gore spent his career trying to cripple capitalism while amassing a fortune for himself (hence his huge energy-guzzling mansion in Nashville)and failed.  So now he thinks he can destroy capitalism by backdooring the issue by attempting to destroy it under the guise of "carbon" control (does his $22,000.00 a month electric bill at his Nashville mansion show good carbon control?).

People like Gore and their goofy America-hating ideas are what sent the Democratic Party into the political wilderness to begin with.  If this "Global Warming" b.s. continues we'll be there again.

By the way... don't forget that whacky liberals were blaming "Global Cooling" in the 70's on man.  What's next?  Global Average Temperatures are going to doom us all.

Maybe earth would cool down if goofy Gore would shut his mouth.

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Is Chuck Hagel Unbeatable?

Is Chuck Hagel unbeatable in the general election?  A hansome, anti-war Republican and Vietnam veteran.  He seems to be the new McCain, appealing to swing voters and even some Democrats.  If he manages to win the nomination, by convincing the powerbrokers and pragmatists in the Republican machine that he can't lose in the general, are the Democrats in for a tough race in '08?  Who matches up best against Hagel?

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Ralph, get on board

Could somebody please ask Ralph Nader to get on board? The only way we are going to stop the Republican right is to have unity. I don't care whether you are green, progressive, liberal, libertarian, or whatever kind of independent you choose to be. Heck, I don't even care if you're an anarcho-primitivist. We have to join together to move the Democratic Party the way the cons, theocons, neocons, and other cons took over the Republican Party. It's the only way we are going to have any influence for now. Ralph, I love you, and I know what you're trying to say, but please don't spoil our chances of turning things around.

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Hillary Says She's Most Electable: Rasmussen says Not!

Hillary has the meme out that she's the one the GOP doesn't want to run against.  Disregarding the obvious way only Hillary can motivate the right wing base, Rasmussen shows Edwards and Obama do better against the GOP.


However, while Clinton is the frontrunner within the party, Obama and Edwards do a bit better in general election match-ups against leading Republicans.  Obama and Edwards both lead John McCain (R) while Clinton is essentially tied with the Arizona Senator. John Edwards is within two points of Rudy Giuliani (R), closer than any other Democrat. See match-ups and favorability ratings for all Democratic candidates.

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Rhode Islanders For Obama gets going

So there is a lot going on in Rhode Island about the Obama campaign.  

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