Senator Murkowski Seeks Pardon for Convicted Felon Ted Stevens

Michael Brumas, the Communications Director for Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, confirmed to the Anchorage Daily News that her office is seeking a Presidential Pardon for convicted felon Ted Stevens.

With less than 48 hours left of the Bush presidency, U.S. Sen. Lisa Murkowski's spokesman said today that Murkowski had asked the White House to pardon the former senior senator of Alaska, [convicted felon] Ted Stevens. Michael Brumas, Murkowski's communications director, said the pardon request was made earlier this month. He declined to give other details, including whether Stevens himself wanted the pardon and had asked Murkowski to pursue it on his behalf. "It's just a very sensitive issue and a sensitive time - a couple days left," Brumas said. "We're just not saying anything more."

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Bush Pardons Violator of the Bald Eagle Protection Act -- Now HOW PERFECT IS THAT?

Isn't it appropriate? Bush will use his power of Presidential pardon to pardon Leslie Owen Collier (unauthorized use of a pesticide and violating the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act)[1] see wikipedia for complete list.

A murderer of our American symbol will be pardoned by a President who did EVERYTHING in his power to destroy the U.S. Constitution. How unbelievably IRONIC!!

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DOJ throws Monica Goodling under the bus

Well, the justice department has its sacrificial lamb, a low level operator it can trot out and volunteer: Monica Goodling is the culprit for turning the DOJ into the Soviet Politburo, circa 1949.

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How not to circulate rnc memes - Poppy's pardons

The hand wringing around here over right wingnut talking points about presidential pardons spewing from the Faux News Channel and other cable news network wannabees is getting excessive.

It's as if the shorter version of candidate hit pieces are "the republicans will say bad things..." I've got news for you - they're going to say bad things about anyone who's the nominee.

Learn to do some basic research, instead of repeating and recycling republican right wingnut memes. Frackin' amateurs. Smack the republicans up side their heads.

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Another reason for Bush to support Hillary in 08

A few days ago, I suggested a couple of reasons why Bush and his folks might be wanting a President Hillary sworn in in Jan 09.

There is a third:

Bush's pardon list is no doubt going to be the most grotesque of all time. The number of Bush associates that will need keeping out of, or springing from, jail by the time he leaves office will be mind-boggling.

But the one guy he can't pardon - I could be wrong now. But I don't think so. - is himself.

Now, Bill had a fairly fruity pardon list himself. (Though distinctly bush league compared with Bush's rogues gallery.)

So it might not be so big a leap - bearing in mind presidential comity and all - for Hillary to do for him what Ford did for Nixon.

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