And The Winner Is...That One

     It is now officially over. The name calling, the fear mongering, the divisive tactics, the shopping sprees and most importantly Joe the plumber's fifteen minutes of fame. If McCain had won could you imagine the exposure this guy would have received? He would have been credited with McCain's victory and maybe would have been offered a cabinet level position. He would have written a book about nothing, he would have made a record about nothing. Let's face it the guy himself was fond of saying that he knew nothing. America has spoken and the winner is...That One! And the loser is the politics of the past still fighting the cultural wars of that past.

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Yes We Can (Be Healthy): Obama's Healthcare Agenda

By Lindsay Beyerstein, TMC MediaWire Blogger.

Before a cheering crowd in Chicago, Barack Obama thanked his supporters, his campaign staffers, his running mate, and his family for his historic victory.

I hope he also sends a nice note to Sarah Palin. He couldn't have done it without her.

Palin was chosen for her impeccable culture war credentials in the hopes of galvanizing the Republican base. Ironically, Palin energized the conservative base and the progressive base, in equal but opposite measure.

Palin's candidacy, as the running mate of a 72-year-old cancer survivor, forced us to imagine a young earth creationist, anti-abortion zealot in the White House. To their great credit, Americans said, "Thanks but no thanks."

The Obama victory can be seen as a mandate for science and rationality across the board, especially in health care policy. The economic crisis has become an excuse to ignore health care, but nothing could be more shortsighted.

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Our Long National Nightmare is Over...and now...

Tuesday night we were all fixated to the polls. We all cried (or at least I know I did - it was John Lewis that broke my dam on that front). I even cried yesterday, and I wasn't the only one. Here in Blue Connecticut there were many tear stained faces, many relieved looks, even a pervasive, genuine happiness.

I bought the paper with Obama's picture on it and the caption, "Mr. President" at the grocery store. The young woman ringing me up said, "I'm really glad he won yesterday."

Obama's remade the electoral map. Now it is time for us to remake our ideological maps - or specifically, I would advocate, completely rip those maps into shreds and start over.

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Can We Talk?

     Now that the most historic election in American history has ended, can I speak honestly about the campaign? Even though I was able to recognize early on that this campaign was going to end the way it did (link) I have always been concerned about the makeup of the Obama campaign as well as some of the tactics that were employed at the state and local levels. I allowed myself to believe that because Obama had to rise above the race issue he surrounded himself with a staff that was primarily white not only at the national level but at the lower staff levels as well. I remember telling my parents that the reason I thought Obama was going to win was because the staff he employed at least the ones that I had met were whites that were non-traditional politicos. Many had not taken part in an election in many years, if ever.

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Will President Obama create a trend?

Will David Axelrod move into the White House?

George W. Bush moved his top political strategist into the White House.   He was the first President that I can remember doing that.  Up until Karl Rove was given an office just down the hall from the Oval Office, and was allowed to participate in policy matters, the hired guns and gurus moved on after the election, returning only as needed.  

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