Opportunity Knocks

At yesterday's hearing of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Obama made it very clear that he is using the stage of the Senate to further his personal ambitions at the expense of the voters of Illinois and the citizens of our country that expect their elected representatives to take their Constitutional responsibilities seriously. Rather than use the allotted amount of time to actually question General Petraeaus and Ambassador Crocker, Obama used that time to rehearse a campaign speech. It sounded good, but he wasn't elected to the Senate to run for President. In fact, at one point I thought Obama had to catch himself before he reminded Petraeus and Crocker that he was against this war from the start. For someone so opposed to this war he sure as hell isn't doing a whole lot to bring it to an end. You know, you might expect someone that makes such a big deal about his opposition to the war to take the time to actually question the people responsible for executing that war.

Such action from Obama is not new. After all, he was only in the Senate two years before he announced his intentions to use the stage of his Senate spotlight to launch an effort toward the Presidency. And he wrote two biographies just to make sure everyone knew who he is. He even made shit up to enhance his stature and give people the impression that he is someone that he isn't. And he laughed off and justified the fiction as if it were something everyone did and it was cool. It's easy to "have game" when all you have to do is imagine it and lie about yourself. And if lying about himself to make it appear like he some political messiah wasn't enough he took the opportunity in Selma to lie about his parents too, telling the crowd that his parents got together and created him BECAUSE of what happened in Selma. Never mind that he had been born 4 years earlier. The people just ate the shit up hook, line and sinker. Who needs the truth when fantasy sounds so much better. Maybe we are all just a little dense and his parents were psychic and knew what would take place in Selma four years into the future and therefore decided to have Barack as a result of their premonition. Yeah, that sounds good. Edit. Whatever else one thinks about Obama, he sure has the audacity. He didn't have to make that up.

Senators have a Constitutional responsibility of oversight. And in case Obama forgot while he was busy fund raising and being on Oprah, we are in the middle of a war in Iraq. As American citizens I think the very least we should expect from our elected representatives is that they take their responsibilities seriously especially when many of our soldier citizens are in harms way. And this is especially true when it comes to Senators like Obama that constantly remind people that he was against this war from the start. One might expect that he might actually take the time to ask the people responsible for executing the war a few frickin questions. But no, Obama didn't do that. Instead he talked about the audacity of having the hearing on September 11th and proceeded to lecture the General and the Ambassador on the inappropriateness of their testifying on that date. And when he had finally used up all of his time lecturing and giving a speech the only question he asked had been asked by another Senator just a few minutes previously. Yeah, that Obama was right on top of his Senate Constitutional responsibilities. But I guess from his perspective and from the perspective of his supporters he did everything he was supposed to do. He used the limelight to campaign for President. He and they don't want to be bothered with those pesky little things like Constitutional responsibility and the like. They are an irritating inconvenience in the way to bigger and better things. I don't know about the rest of you but I have had it with a President that doesn't take the Constitution seriously and I sure as hell am not going to allow a Senator that has the same apparent disregard for Constitution to be elected to the Presidency, even if he claims to be a Democrat.

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Barack Obama's Ace in the Hole

Cross-posted from DailyKos:

This weekend me and one hundred and sixty of my fellow Obama supporters were taught the secret to this campaign: us.  Barack Obama has, first and foremost, reinvested in our success, in our future.  And in turn, we have been taught to be better organizers, better leaders, better supporters, and perhaps, better people.  

I cannot stress enough how powerful this training was.  I feel empowered.  No other campaign has ever done anything like this.  Barack is pushing down responsibility, asking us to organize ourselves instead of waiting for instructions from the campaign.  We are organizing and creating support in a way that no other campaign has ever attempted.  We are drawing more small dollar supporters than any campaign ever has before.  We are the future.

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Religion gets in the way...

There is plenty of commentary as the country's earliest presidential campaign roars ahead on race and gender and whether they stand in the way of getting elected. Despite all of this Hillary and Barack appear to be generating both support and money and are likely, one or the other, to be the next President of the United States.

That, to me, is a wonderful change in American thought. That race and gender should no longer matter and merit can be the deciding factor is a great step forward in civilization.

Then, last night while listening to the LoGo.com Gay and Lesbian Presidential Forum, it dawned on me that the real wall which stands in the way of an intelligent civilization is religion. The question on "gay marriage" was raised with each of the six challengers (Dodd and Biden were not there due to "scheduling conflicts" -- yeah, right!) and the responses we got have to be weighed against the state-by-state arguments currently going on.

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Let's Take It Back!

There are many things the GOP has either trumpeted, co-opted, been inadvertently given, or outright stolen during the past 15 years: terms of language, ideologies and philosophies, even tangible things. These things are either now found to be somewhat (and that's being nice) lacking in the GOP; some are even blatantly contradictory. As a Democrat, and actually as an AMERICAN, I say, LET'S TAKE THEM BACK!

I'll start with the somewhat obvious things and go from there; feel free to add to the list.

The Constitution, in all its glory: Let's TAKE IT BACK!

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Michelle Obama, WAL-MART, Daley, Big Box Ordinance Veto

There are many reasons to oppose Obama, whose paltry legislative record disqualifies him for the Presidency.  That he would cite state legislative experience during a Presidential campaign as a qualification already reveals to this voter how underprepared he is for the Presidency. 

Limit comments to discussion of candidates and connections to WAL-MART, please.  This should faciliate discussion about candidates' and corporate complicity and its potential relation to failures to implement progressive policies.  

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