Corporate Democrat Obama Issues False Attacks on Edwards's Labor Record

Corporate Democrat Barack Obama now claims John Edwards is responsible for the closure of Whirlpool factories in Illinois, Iowa and Arkansas.  He also claims Edwards was a supporter of North Carolina's oppressive Right to Work laws.  The flier Obama is circulating in Iowa labor circles can be read here. I guess the candidate Mr. Axelrod touts as someone who would never resort to "cheap shots" just showed Iowa laborers who the true Obama really is: a cynical campaigner who exploits labor in NH while claiming he is their advocate in Iowa.  Some people will say and do anything to win an election.

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Religion and the Presidency

Mitt Romney is going to make his "Kennedy Speech" today to offset the question his Mormon Religion has brought up. Unlike Kennedy, however, who made a clear distinction between church and state, Romney apparently is of the new political thinking that religion is important as part of the candidacy.

This is upsetting for more than a small number of reasons.

I listened to an analyst on C-Span this morning discussing the situation... how, in the 50s and 60s Protestants hated Catholics, and it was Kennedy's need to disable this position. By stressing that church was indeed completely separated from state, Kennedy accomplished his purposes. Now, 47 years later, Protestants and Catholics have come to a detente... but they seem to hate Mormons... and even worse, they hate Secularists and Non-Believers.

This says to me, as I have thought for some time, that "hate" and "religion" go hand in hand. You can't have one without the other.

Church and state have lost a lot of their separation. Candidacies are pushed in the pulpit like never before (and yet religions still maintain their tax-free status... think about it). Candidates go out of their way to push their religions. Obama has been accused, falsely, of being a Muslim, and so he goes out on a campaign crusade with an anti-gay preacher. I'll have to hand it to Kucinich who doesn't even list a religious affiliation, but he's the only one.

I would give almost anything to get back to an America where church and state were as far apart as the Founding Fathers wanted. It doesn't seem likely.

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Brent Budowsky: Al Gore for President

Brent will be sending this essay to Al and Tipper Gore, along with the comments posted at the title link, below.  So this is your chance to tell the Gores how you feel about a potential run for president.  Please Digg the essay (registration required), so that it will be read by as many people as possible, and please pass this on to everyone you know.  There may never be a better moment to build the groundswell it will take to convince (Vice) President Gore to make such a huge sacrifice for us.

From The Hill's Pundits Blog:

Al Gore for President

Brent Budowsky

As these words are written the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize has been chosen but not yet announced and for purposes of the future of America the great and inconvenient truth is that this does not matter.

America does not need another prize, we need another president.


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Edward raised $7 mil

I'll admit when I heard people say that Edwards was taking public funding I thought "he  must be having problems raising money with all the limitations he has placed on from where he will take money." I bought into the cynacism about why he was choosing to accept public funding. I agree with his decision even if I disagree with what my cynacism said 'had' to be his motivation.

But then there is this: 007/10/01/389131.aspx

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Obama AWOL on Cornyn (R-TX) Move Amendment

Obama voted for the Boxer Amendment today, an amendment that condemned all advertisements questioning the character and integrity of decorated soilders, but he failed to vote on the Cornyn Amendment, which condemned the Betray Us advertisement.

Once again, Obama failed to show any leadership whatsoever.  Clinton voted against the Cornyn amendment, as did Chris Dodd.  But Obama chose not to voice his opinion about the freedom of speech or about Republicans' demonization of Move On. Obama, in other words, threw Democratic activists under the bus in order to appear more centrist to Republican voters. So much for the speech delivered at the Harkin Steak Fry.  So much for his stance on "New Politics."

Obama is a failure.  If he is unable to vote against frivolous amendments written for purely political purposes, how can he be expected to run the White House or run a campaign for the Presidency?

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