Hillary Clinton in New Orleans

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The state of the union is not strong until the State of the Black Union is strong.   - Hillary Clinton, New Orleans, 23 FEB 2008

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Presence, MoveOn.org, Barack Obama, Betrayal

Barack Obama cancelled a scheduled event to be held in Rock Hill, South Carolina, at 12:30pm on 20 SEPT 2007 at 10:30pm the previous evening.  According to a press release issued by his Presidential campaign, Obama would remain Washington for "important votes on the future of America's presence in Iraq." A campaign spokesperson later referred to Obama's decision as "one of those terribly unfortunate things," but he assured South Carolinians that Obama would return as soon as possible. Voters in South Carolina cannot feel Obama betrayed them.

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Obama, Rezko, Auchi, 2005 Donations

According to the Chicago Tribune,  Antoin "Tony" Rezko, one of Obama's main political contributors, was arrested Monday morning for concealing a $3.5 million payment the indicted slumlord received from a Beruit company tied to a certain Nadhmi Auchi, a Iraqi billionaire embroiled in a corruption scandal in France.

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"Democrat[s] for A Day:" Obama's National Stratagem

"Democrat for a Day" is not a slogan solely invented by an overzealous Obama precinct captain in Reno, Nevada; it is a phrase used by the official Obama campaign in its attempt to dilute the influence loyal Democrats will have on the Democratic Primary in at least two states.

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The United States Mint Expects Hillary to Win

As the U.S. Mint continues to roll out various gold coins to scattered fanfare, something interesting has developed on its website.

A number of coins are being released under its "First Spouse" program. All of the spouses in history have been women. Yet, rarely do we hear Laura Bush being referred to as First Spouse, nor was Hillary Clinton called First Spouse. So why the change in terminology? Could it be that they expect that sometime in the near future there might be a First Spouse that isn't a woman?

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