On communities within government

Reading about the abuse that the Mexican people have endured from neoliberal policies in maqiladora factories you wonder if there is any hope at all left. For those who do not know, a "maqiladora" is a factory that assembles imported US parts then sends them back to the US. It is truly disgusting, that is the only word I have for such a device devised by greedy capitalist pigs.

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Will Health Care In The U.S. Improve? Ever?

The day I first met Howard Dean I didn't know much about him. He hadn't broken into double digits in the polls yet but he had offered to make it real easy for me by coming to my house for breakfast. He understood why half a papaya with blueberries, pecans and flaxseeds were way better for him than pancakes and a slab of bacon. And he told me something that turned me into a Deaniac on the spot. He told me why he got into politics and what he wanted to accomplish in politics-- basically the same thing. As an M.D., Dean was more aware of the shortfalls in the American medical system and the medical insurance system than any politician I had ever spoken too and when he talked about fixing it he talked about what he knew. Now all moderates and even relatively reactionary politicians are giving at least lip service to his ideas. But Bush neither fits "moderate" nor "relatively" reactionary.

According to my doctor, almost 50% of Americans living today will be diagnosed with cancer at some  point in their lives. The day that happens is a really scary one-- as bad as looking up and seeing a stewed and cockeyed Dick Cheney lunging at you with a 28-gage shotgun. Today I still had Dick "above-the-law" Cheney on the brain when I abandoned my computer and headed out into the world. Randi Rhodes wasn't on yet so I tuned in KCRW, the local NPR affiliate, and I heard a story worse than Dick Cheney's murderous shooting rampage.

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Un-dead-ing a beaten horse? Bono at the Nat'l Prayer Breakfast

Profuse apologies if this was already blogged here (or at dKos' religion thingy, which I don't really keep track of); I did a quick search and didn't find anything, but searching non-legal databases is not my expertise.

I have no desire to beat a dead horse.  I actually think the constant, perennial cries for "values talk" and "the Left learning how to talk about Religion." I think that Liberation Theology is a better guide, not framing politics in religion, but vice versa (not in a blasphemous way, though Pope Benedict apparently believes Liberation Theology is a bit blasphemous, but in the way that as a philosophy, religion IS political).

In fact, I'm not even "religious," whatever that means.  But enough disclaimers from me.  I came across Bono's speech at the Nat'l Prayer Breakfast (here: http://www.sojo.net/index.cfm?action=soj omail.display&issue=060203&cooki es_enabled=false#3) that took place earlier this month.  It was really good.

Excerpts below.

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When it snows, where do the homeless stay?

Yes, I know it's snowing outside in New York and throughout the northeast and other regions. It does this every year without fail. It does look like a blizzard and I'm quite sure there will be a tremendous amount of snowfall. But a thought came to mind this time. It had to do with the homeless population. In times of inclimate weather, where do they go?

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The Working Poor

In her book Nickel and Dimed, Ehrenreich ends with these last paragraphs :

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