We can all help to reduce Abortion numbers in America by Electing Democrats

"Our respect, in society, for the "Rule of Law" is what gives the U.S. Constitution & Bill of Rights true validation and power"
Marshall Adame

The abortion issue is the favorite subject of almost no American politician. The argument is endless because in a country where many very different people, of varied belief systems live together, the differences between them and the various interpretation of principle becomes the root of continual disagreement and turmoil, both public and private.

I believe that the American people are greater than our differences however serious, or great in the realm of politics, spirituality, or social injustice.
No subject highlights this gulf separating many of us from each other greater than the issue of abortion.

The left and right extremes from both political spectrums have convinced much of America that each is right and there is no opinion, other than their own, that is valid or worthy of consideration. Even common sense does not prevail. Heres why.

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Why America needs John Edwards as our next President

Why America needs John Edwards as our next President

The clamor for the White House is on. Clinton, Bush, Kerry, Obama, Gore, McCain and a fountain of other well known Washington insiders, steeped in years of cozy relationships, cloak and dagger histories of deal making and inside political trading, not focused on Americas well being, but aimed and purposed for the retention of power or extending one's influence. Political dynasties somehow permitted by the electorate to remain, in many cases, at the expense of America's democratic health and vitality.

We have permitted old money, old influence and all the political experience and seasoning it could buy to get us where we are today, drowning in two wars and a nine trillion dollar debt, trillion with a "T".

We need a Leader, a symbol, courage and vision. We need John Edwards as our next President.

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John Edwards should carefully pick his Vice President and talk about it early

John Edwards should carefully pick his Vice President and talk about it early

John Edwards, in his campaign for the Presidency has been on a rising scale from the time he announced a few months ago. His methodical rise in the polls is no accident. America is beginning to know him and are growing smarter regarding his person and character. America likes John Edwards.  They will also have to like his choice for Vice President. Heres why.

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John Edwards - want to know more?

Many people may have questions about John Edwards and his stance on specific issues so Sirius (from the John Edwards blog) has compiled a list of John Edwards resources that give his views on a number of issues in video, audio and text format. Kind of one stop information source, which is particularly important now since mainstream doesn't give enough coverage or information. The original post by Sirius is here. His site is a true blog site as well, unlike any other candidate that I'm aware of, and diverse opinions are welcome.

Please feel free to post suggestions and new links. Of special note is his interview with Ezra Klein in regards to Iran that explains his position - its different than many have assumed.

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Why Would Electing John Edwards Lift Women and Minorities out of Poverty?

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This is an historical and political analysis of the central premise that underlies John Edwards' claim to the Presidency.  This essay asks and explores the question, "Why Will Electing John Edwards Raise Women and Minorities Out of Poverty?" Everything in the above graphic represents only my own original paraphrased appreciation of the thrust of arguments made by others.

Everyone who has superficially studied the problem of American poverty knows that, although all demographic groups are represented among the poor, women and minorities are more likely to be poor than other segments of our society (e.g. white men).  

In fact, historical patterns of discrimination that legally prevented women and minorities from buying and owning property, opening bank accounts, and moving to areas where opportunities were greater - all of these governmentally sponsored factors and more led to the feminization and the "racialization" of poverty.  The poverty of Blacks began when we were forced to work for free, with government returning us to our "owners" if we escaped slavery with the intention of being paid for our own labor.

In light of this history of the causes of poverty, it is quite impossible to talk about alleviating poverty without discussing how to systematically root out the carefully lain government sponsored roots of poverty in de jure and de facto gender and color-based discrimination.  To the degree that there is anything at all that the government is still doing that intentionally or effectively disadvantages the target populations of a proposed new poverty program, to be effective in alleviating poverty government must stop doing anything and everything that has historically led and continues to lead to the feminization and colorization of poverty.

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