Organizer Discusses Blocking the Oakland Port

Occupy Oakland protesters have blocked the Port of Oakland. Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks discusses the blockade with one of the organizers of Occupy Oakland about why they decided to block the port.


WP Editorial at odds with its own reporting, again

I have not seen this anywhere today so I thought I would highlight it.  I undertsand that criticizing a Washington Post editorial is like batting a pinata, its fun and easy but one can only have so much candy.  So today I take my turn.
The Post says that "senators complained that they had not been notified... though the companies had issued a press release." On the opposite side, in a column by Dionne Jr., he reports that on a hearing on February 15, Homeland Secretary Chertoff could not discuss the deal with Rep. Sweeney because the committee's work was "classified" and that Secretary Snow told another congressional committee that he was not permitted to discuss the specific transactions.  So which is it, was Congress in the loop or not? It appears as if the administration intentionally kept Congress in the dark (maybe because the secret clauses seemingly allowing the company to avoid all legal responsibility), and thus Congress is within its rights to complain.  And the Post excusing Bush's ignorance because president cannot now when one foreign company takes over another is certainly laughable when the property that is been transferred happens to be your front door.  I am sure Bill Clinton would have known, but we have to recognize that we have a disenagaged president.  Finally, calling Dubai our "friend" especially because of 9/11 is rich.  First, we are not friends but allies sharing some common goals (Britain is a friend if we must use the term). UAE is a monarchy that discriminates against half its population and is anti-semitic. In fact because of its growing prosperity and intelligentsia, the country may represent an increased danger similar to rebels coming from prosperous families; and access to US ports would provide an excellent target of opportunity to those individuals. Let's recall that most of 9/11 terrorists came from good families. And precisely Mr. Washington Post Editorial Board, because of 9/11, we need to be more circumspect and vigilant.        

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Bush Veto Threats, AGAIN

Bush is having another temper tantrum.  Any time he gets wind that the party may break from his dictate, he has a temper tantrum and threatens to veto.

His latest threat was only a couples months ago (although media seems to have a short memory and forgets his past threats).

As a matter of fact, Bush was DETERMINED he would not authorize an EXTENSION on the Patriot Act.  He said "renew it or let it run out.  No extensions." When that didn't work, Bush immediately signed a 1 month extension.


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