Plurality of Voters Want Dems to Withhold Funds if Bush Issues Iraq Veto

The latest polling from Bloomberg news and the Los Angeles Times (.pdf) offers some fairly interesting data on the sentiments of American voters on the issue of Iraq.

Q49. As you may know, Democrats in both houses of Congress passed legislation that ties further funding of the war in Iraq to targeted dates for withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq. Bush says he will veto any measure that sets such a timetable because he believes it would tie the hands of battlefield commanders and make defeat in Iraq more likely. Do you think that Bush should sign a funding authorization that includes a timetable for withdrawal, or should he veto that legislation?

Pass legislation4848744815
Veto It4344183980

Q50. If George W. Bush vetoes the legislation, do you think Congress should pass another version of the bill that provides funding for the war without any conditions for troop withdrawal, or should Congress refuse to pass any funding bill until Bush agrees to accept conditions for withdrawal?

Fund the war without
Withhold funding until
Bush signs

From this polling, it's clear that there is a real coalition behind ending the Iraq War -- even if it means dragging out the appropriations process until the President relents and accepts a timetable for the redeployment of American forces out of the country. To be clear, this polling does not show that there is an overwhelming mandate for such a course of action. Nonetheless, it does show that the Democrats have fairly strong backing (a plurality of registered voters, in fact) as they potentially move forward with aggressive steps to end American involvement in the war in Iraq.


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