Recent Election Puts Spotlight on "Antiquated Election Laws" in Virginia

Senseless voting barriers in Virginia elections - including misinformed poll workers and "antiquated election laws" - have hurt Virginians as recently as the Nov. 3 election.  Voting rights groups say it does not have to be this way; recently, civil rights groups called out to the state to take the measures necessary to make "voting accessible to as many qualified people as possible."

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Officials Violate Voting Rights & State Laws by Implementing Stricter Photo ID Requirements

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State and federal law outlines, protects, and facilitates the voting rights of citizens. Under ideal circumstances, these laws make voting equally accessible to all eligible Americans without unnecessary barriers or hurdles. Unfortunately, the right to vote is too often misconstrued by the very officials charged with helping to protect and facilitate that right, leaving voters at best confused, and at worst disenfranchised.

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Primary Precinct Problems Presage General Election Chaos Unless Addressed Immediately

Weekly Voting Rights News Update

By Erin Ferns

An increase in turnout among historically underrepresented voters Tuesday brings hope for outstanding voter participation that represents all Americans in November. Project Vote's Super Tuesday exit poll analysis found young and minority voters made a strong presence at polls in key states across the country, including record-setting turnout among Latinos in California. While voter participation appears to be on the rise in this critical presidential election year, polling place problems persist as some voters - and their precincts' poll workers - were unaware of state and federal voting procedures, creating the risk of intimidation and disenfranchisement. In order to maintain fair and open access to voting for all Americans, it important to prepare voters and facilitate effective poll worker training before November.

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