50 People to Circle on Google+

Add these people to your Google+ circle.

Cenk Uygur
Misty Kingma
Tom Hanc
Sam Seder
Jay Tomilson of Best of the Left
David Pakman
Allison Kilkenny
Jamie Kilstein
Tina Dupuy
Richard (RJ) Eskow
Jim Gilliam
Arianna Huffington
ze frank
Philip DeFranco
Ray William Johnson
Michael Buckley
The Will of DC
Lawrence Lessig
Matt Stoller
Arshad Hasan
Thom Hartmann
Baratunde Thurston
Alex Blagg
Jeff Jarvis
Matthew Ygelsias
Victor Rocco
Nicole Sandler
David Sirota
Timothy Karr
Murshed Zaheed
Ari Melber
Kevin Rose
Cliff Schecter
Pete Cashmore
Jerome Armstrong
Erin Polgreen
Jason Barnett
Marcy Wheeler
Kenneth Quinnell
Adam Green
Jason Leopold
Chris Priest
Bernie Sanders
Matthew Filipowicz
Tony Daughtrey
Ezra Klein
Josh Marshall
Michael Snook
Jonathan Zittrain

 Add profiles you have in your circles in the comment section of this blog. 



Ron Paul 'Scared' - Bill O'Reilly On Fox News

Fox News host Bill O'Reilly slammed 2012 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul and claimed Paul was scared to come on his show. The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur gives his take.


Bernie Sanders Vs Marco Rubio - Social Security Battle


The views of progressive Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and conservative Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) on Social Security are contrasted by The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur.

Town Hallers Embarrass Rep. Over Bush Tax Cuts

Rep. Randy Hultgren (R-IL) was confronted by constituents at a town hall in Geneva over the Bush tax cuts failing to create jobs. The Congressman was stumped and tried to change the subject.


Why Don’t Republicans Use the Word “Middle-Class”?

By: Inoljt, http://mypolitikal.com/ 

The 2008 presidential election was all about the middle-class. Americans worried about how the recession would affect the middle-class, whether or not the middle-class was in decline, and what could be done to revive the middle-class.

What’s strange, however, is that only one side was using the term “middle-class.”

Take a look at the debate transcripts.

In the first presidential debate, Democratic candidate Barack Obama says “middle-class” three times.

In the second presidential debate, Democratic candidate Barack Obama says “middle-class” six times.

In the third presidential debate, Democratic candidate Barack Obama says “middle-class” five times.

Republican candidate John McCain doesn’t mention the middle-class once.

This pattern isn’t just confined to 2008. Compare, for instance, Democratic Senator John Kerry and Republican president George W. Bush. Mr. Bush, like Mr. McCain, didn’t use the word “middle-class” once during his acceptance of the 2000 presidential nomination. On the other hand, Mr. Kerry spoke of the “middle-class” eight times during his acceptance of the 2004 presidential nomination.

The pattern continues today. In the most recent Republican primary debate, the word “middle-class” once again was nonexistent.

Republicans do seem to use synonyms for middle-class. Senator John McCain spoke about “middle-income” individuals three times during the debates. In the most recent Republican primary debate, former Senator Rick Santorum talked about the “broad middle” three times, and former Governor Tim Pawlenty used the term ”middle-income” once. (President George W. Bush didn’t use either term in his acceptance speech, on the other hand.)

Nevertheless, there is a strange reluctance amongst the Republican Party to talk about the middle-class. Perhaps Republicans don’t like the word “class.” They might think it has a relationship to class warfare, even though the term “middle-class” is a very neutral word.

They should get over it. Refusing to talk about the middle-class opens the door to Democratic attacks that Republicans don’t care about the middle class. And of course the Republican Party cares about America’s middle class. Don’t they?




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