Joe Biden: Profile in Courage?

So I was reading the Politico this morning and ran across an editorial calling Biden's vote in favor of funding the war a "profile in courage." The author is Des Moines Register columnist David Yepsen.

Right now, public opinion inside the Democratic Party runs hot against the Iraq war. Candidates are falling all over themselves to show their opposition.

Biden said during a meeting with Des Moines Register reporters and editors on Tuesday that he voted for the funding bill largely because it contained funding for new armored vehicles that will better resist roadside bombs. He said 70 percent of U.S. deaths and casualties are caused by these explosive devices, and the new vehicles could reduce that by two-thirds.

"I find it absolutely unconscionable that I would delay, to make a point, a week to two to a month, the construction of these vehicles," he said. 7/4266.html

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Congressional ethics reform: Dem enthusiasm curbed

It's become increasingly clear that the thing back last year that Congressional Dems really objected to in the Culture of Corruption was that they weren't getting enough of it.

Sirota is distressed at the news that House Dems, faced with the prospect of dealing with S 1 (the Senate version of the promised ethics bill), are back-peddling at 100 miles an hour.

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Greenwald today on the Politico

Glenn Greenwald is a hugely important blogger. Today, he pulls the wool from our eyes re the Politico.  

I had subscribed to this worthless waste of electrons because I am a political junkie.  The really HARD-RIGHT slant was pretty clear, however, and the reluctance to criticize Republicans is and was obvious.


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Vote For Edwards' Question to ask the GOP candidates

It would actually be funny if they asked the GOP candidates some of the questions the readers are submitting to the GOP candidates on

e.g. "Do you believe in Evolution?" "Should Mary Cheney be treated as a second class citizen"....   a very fun read.  But you can click on the link to vote on questions to ask.. ions.cfm?page=1&sb=mp&cd=0&t p=7&submit=Search

by John Edwards on 05.02.2007 at 04:54 PM
Topic Is: Foreign Policy (not Iraq)

Has the Bush doctrine of a Global War on Terror backfired? Does the president's focus suggest a fixed enemy that can be defeated through a permanent military campaign or do you think we need a broader approach as many military leaders believe?"

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For the second time in three days, the Politico publishes false statements. Everyone already knows that the Politico inaccurately reported that John Edwards and his presidential campaign would suspend his candidacy today. However, it did not happen.

The other mistake by the Politico this week dealt with the Louisiana gubernatorial race. The Politico inaccurately reported that former Senator Breaux requested an opinion on the residency law from the Louisiana's Attorney General. But the office denies that the former senator made any such request.

How reliable is the Politico?

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