Hillary unveils ambitious anti-crime agenda

A little over a year ago, I moved to New York from Center City Philadelphia. It was distressing to me to see headlines about violence in Philadelphia on the news and to see communities in distress. Hillary Clinton is answering the call to make make our communities safer with her bold new anti-crime agenda that strengthens community policing efforts, crime prevention and prison reform. More after the jump.

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A request for volunteers for Obama in South Philadelphia!

Just got off the phone with my buddy Brian who is a staffer for Obama.  He was telling me about what has been happening over the weekend:

A caravan of twenty volunteers from Brooklyn arrived to knock on doors during the weekend.  As a group they combined to knock on over a thousand doors in South Philly.  

This is the one bright spot.  

We then talked about the polls and debate whether Obama can win PA.  He says Obama will win by a squeaker.  I say Hillary 54-46.  At least someone is optimistic.  

Enough on semantics. Now it no longer a weekend, there hasn't been an onslaught of volunteers to meet the need to canvass in South Philly.

Being the netroots activist I am, Brian requested 'a call to arms' to get the word out to send volunteers to Brian's satellite office in South Philly.  

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10 Reasons Not to Compare Oneself to Rocky

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Sen. Clinton told the AFL-CIO yesterday that she is a lot like Rocky Balboa. "Let me tell you something, when it comes to finishing a fight, Rocky and I have a lot in common. I never quit. I never give up. And neither do the American people," Clinton said. Well, here are ten reasons not to compare oneself to Rocky.

(1) Rocky suffers from a brain injury involving flashbacks and spontaneous headaches.
(2) Rocky compulsively takes off for mountaintops.
(3) Tanktops are so yesterday.
(4) Rocky's first pupil tried to beat the crap out of him.
(5) Mr. T did beat the crap out of him.
(6) Rocky tapped his wife's crazy brother to manage his money and lost everything.
(7) Rocky chases chickens.
(8) Rocky concedes that he is a moron ("You gotta be a moron to wanna be a fighter.")
(9) "Yo" is not a proper greeting for foreign heads of state.
(10) Rocky supports John McCain

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Hillary in Wilkes-Barre with The Eye of the Tiger

This is the kind of fighter we Americans not only deserve, but need.  Hillary started her day in Philadelphia speaking to 1000 Union Leaders reminding them she is a fighter and will keep on, regardless of her opponents crying for her to hand the nomination over to him (because apparently he is beginning to realize he cannot win any other way).  Hillary said, "Could you imagine if Rocky Balboa got halfway up those art museum stairs and said, well, that's about enough?"

Rocky didn’t and neither will Hillary.  

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Obama Supporters Force Mayor Nutter to Shut Down his E-mail Server

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As I wrote yesterday, Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter's office was flooded with angry calls from Obama supporters after he came out in support of Hillary. Some people doubted my statements but those that bothered to call Mayor Nutter's office confirmed everything that was written. But, as Hyper Educated Uppity Woman reports, his e-mail server was overwhelmed and had to be taken down.

I'll let her describe the well deserved contempt so many of us have.

As part of NoQuarter's encouragement campaign, many readers emailed Mayor Nutter in support of his courage under harrassment. His email was returned by Mailer Daemon. The poor guy had to shut down his email address, so you can just imagine how badly he was harrassed by these savages. My God, these people are fear mongers and race baiters. What's next? Coming to your home and beating the crap out of you? Lining us up and shooting us dead until there are no more Hillary voters left?

We all know how passionate those Obama cultists can be. And they have the Obamedia wrapped around their scrawny little fingers. So we cannot back down, however often they threaten us. We represent the heart and soul of the Democratic party. They represent the far left wing radical wing of the Democratic party. Yet they are so determined to take over the party that they aren't afraid to destroy the party if they can't.

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