Stopping the 13 Second Clock: ACORN and Leading Mayors Join Together in Fighting Foreclosures

Yesterday I was honored to be on a call with America's leading mayors and the US Conference of Mayors to talk about a huge problem affecting cities from coast to coast: the foreclosure crisis.

I've been talking about how a family is losing their home every 13 seconds for awhile now and the recent failure by Congress to enact bankruptcy reform to protect homeowners because of industry pressure was a real blow to stopping that clock.  

But the failure in Washington isn't going to stand in the way of ACORN's push to address the crisis at the heart of the economic meltdown and teaming up with some of the leading mayors in the United States is a major way we're moving forward to help families stay in their homes.

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Stopping The Every-13-Second Foreclosure Clock

In America, a family is losing its home every 13 seconds.  

This appalling statistic brings home the punishment working families are taking from the foreclosure crisis, a crisis acting like a cancer on the economic recovery.  We at ACORN applauded President Obama's "Making Home Affordable" plan to stop 3 to 4 million of the expected 9 million foreclosures over the next four years, but more needs to be done - much more.  

As documented in a new report that ACORN released Wednesday, "Road to Rescue", strong community organizing resulted in Philadelphia pioneering the most successful anti-foreclosure program in the country.  

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McCain Still Wasting Time in Philly

Curious choice to spend -3- days this week?

PHILADELPHIA -- Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain landed in Philadelphia on Monday night.
McCain touched down at Philadelphia International Airport and then headed straight to a Center City hotel.

The senator will hold a town hall meeting Tuesday morning at Montgomery County Community College, and will appear at a rally in Downingtown on Thursday morning.

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Chelsea and Ed Rendell rock Philly's 'gayborhood'

My weekend in Philadelphia began late Friday night. I had the esteemed pleasure to go pub crawling with Chelsea Clinton and Ed Rendell around Philadelphia's 'gayborhood.' The outpouring of support for Hillary and warm welcome that Chelsea received from the GBLT community tugged at my heartstrings, and it reminded me of what a terrific place my hometown of Philadelphia is.

All photos courtesy of Jon Winkleman

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Special Interests Tougher than 90 Minutes of Questions

Appearing on FOX 29 Good Morning Philadelphia, this morning, Hillary was asked about Senator Obama's complaints all day yesterday about the debate Wednesday night.

"Being asked questions in a debate is nothing like pressures you face in the Whitehouse."

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