Why I'm running: Chapter 1

Go Ann! From the diaries--Chris

Two weeks ago, at Philadelphia's Blarney Stone, I announced that I would be running for State Representative in Pennsylvania's 175th District. And as there was a huge rush to get petitions signed, there was no time to talk about why I was running. On Monday afternoon, I handed in 850 signatures at the Board of Elections making me an official candidate.

As I now have a second to draw a quick breath, I'd like to start telling you why I am running, and why winning this particular seat is important step in transforming the district, the city, the state, and the eventually the country.

Some background:

Pennsylvania's 175th district lies in the heart of Philadelphia. With an eastern boarder of the Delaware River, a southern border near the historic Gloria Dei Church, encompassing  all-American sites such as Liberty Bell and South Street, and embracing Philadelphia neighborhoods from Queen Village up to Fishtown - the 175th District is a microcosm of America's rich urban history.

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