Early Voting in Ward 27, Division 5

I voted in Ward 27, Division 5 early this morning before work.  Not surprisingly, there were only three signs outside:  Rendell/Knoll, McDonald Roberts/Rendell (improvised from a Rendell/Knoll amusingly), and Santorum.  

While I understand that volunteers aren't always entirely knowledgeable about election code, I was extremely put off by the fact that they had a volunteer handing out party endorsed ballots inside the polling place.  This is the second year in a row that I've encountered this.  Naturally, the only reason I bring it up is because I think that Democrats should always play by the rules less we look like the GOP.  Overall, turnout seemed low as expected.

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Philadelphia's Riverfront: The Slot Parlors Are Coming

Anne Dicker and the Philly for Change Pluppeteers have a message for you:

Philadelphia is in serious danger.

Within a year, we could have two big fat slots parlors on the Delaware.

Thousands of extra cars pouring in from New Jersey every day.

  • Pawnshops.
  • SUVs.
  • Air pollution.
  • Road rage nastiness (one of the sites is right next to Home Depot/Walmart.)

Queen Village or Northern Libs could turn into strip malls.


So to educate the public and present a possible alternative future -

Philly for Change presents a dramatic sock puppet show!

Watch here:

Windows Media:

http://www.pfcvotes.com/Pluppets%20Anne% 20small.mov

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An Evening in Blue: A Photographic Diary

(cross-posted at Booman Tribune)

In the past couple of weeks, I've posted a couple of informationaldiaries regarding an upcoming fundraiser that the Penn College Democrats were planning to host. Titled 'An Evening in Blue', we set out to bring together candidates for various offices - mayor (Michael Nutter); state legislature (Paul Lang); and congressional candidates (Dennis Spivack, Lois Murphy, and Patrick Murphy) - to interact with Democrats on-campus. Furthermore, knowing that the netroots will be an important factor in upcoming elections, we also invited Chris Bowers (from MyDD) and Duncan Black (Atrios, from Eschaton) to address the group; furthermore, Booman also showed up, bringing together some of the most prominent liberal bloggers on the Internet.

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An Evening in Blue: A Fundraiser for the Penn Dems

(cross-posted at Daily Kos)

As some of you may or may not know from my profile, I'm currently attending the University of Pennsylvania. Being a member of the Penn College Democrats has been one of the best experiences to date I've had while attending college - it's a great way to meet people and to get involved in politics while in school. That being said, there's a great disparity between the operations of the College Republicans and the College Democrats, even though we outnumber the GOP in great numbers at the college level. It's one of the reasons I'm serving as part of the finance team in Penn's chapter of the College Democrats - we need to keep working towards building more active political involvement at the college level, and we need to start supporting the leaders of tomorrow. You may not like Karl Rove or Jack Abramoff, but they were former heads of the College Republicans nationwide. This points to a Republican hierarchy that is able to groom their future leaders now, while there is no such similar, coherent structure in place for the Democratic Party.

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Philadelphia's Ugly Local Politics

I recieved two letters via email today concerning what's going on in the Democratic Party here in Philadelphia. The Dem leadership of this city is worried. They are panicking. They are calling the people who want to get involved in the Democratic process "outsiders" and "Republicans" and I know I may be an outsider, but I am no Republican outsider. Following are the two letters in their entirety.

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