IL-10: Tossup, the Fall of Mark Kirk

This story got me thinking.  Fact: Peter Roskam "votes with Bush over 90% of the time. Fact: he votes in favor of tax breaks for Big Oil. Fact: he voted against veterans benefits."

So what's the difference between Mark Kirk and Peter Roskam?  

Image, of course.  In politics, image is everything.  Voters are supposed to ignore the wizard behind the curtain.

Mark Kirk says that he's a moderate, but he has the same voting record (in this regard) as Peter Roskam.  Mark Kirk says that he's independent, but he has the same loyalty towards the president and his party as Peter Roskam.

Peter Roskam will tell you that he's a conservative.  At least he's honest about it.  But that's probably because Roskam has stronger ties to his district than Mark Kirk.  Roskam represents what he believes his district wants.  Kirk pretends to.

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IL-06: Inside the Polls (or Why Duckworth Isn't Winning)

Following a comment at SoapBlox/Chicago, I took a closer look at the internals on the IL-06 polls from Constituent Dynamics. (IL-06 Cross-tabs for August and October.) What I found offers a suggestion of some of the internal dynamics at work in the district and may explain why Duckworth can't seem to pull away.

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Tammy Duckworth gives Peter Roskam a truth smackdown

Crossposted from Bridget In the Sixth.

A little birdie sent me these graphics of Tammy's mailers that are set to hit on Tuesday. Kisses to my source!

The RNCC has been repeatedly carpet bombing the district with several mailers a week. So-called Austin Mayor has chronicled them nicely.

All I have to say is GO GIRL! These are great. I love the bit about Peter Roskam being a "personal injury lawyer and career politician".

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Duckworth Opponent Roskam Wants MORE GUNS on Suburban Streets

I wouldn't have thought it possible, but the 6th Congressional District of Illinois may elect a new Congressman that is even more conservative on gun control issues than Henry Hyde.

In today's Daily Herald, ( story.asp?id=207984) Roskam came out OPPOSING A BAN ON ASSAULT WEAPONS, which even Hyde supports.

Of course, this would be par for the course for a candidate that walks precincts with the NRA.  ( .aspx?ID=8)  Conspicuous how they don't mention Roskam's name, isn't it?  The original invitation was all about Roskam, including a special campaign brief for members.

Who has more credibility on gun issues?  Tammy Duckworth, who knows the difference between assault weapons and guns that are appropriate for hunting or Peter Roskam, who supports laissez faire gun laws.

Just another example of the lobbyists propping up dangerous candidates for their dangerous ends.

Y'all should check out Tammy. (  Now that's a real war hero who knows what guns can, and should, do.

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