Keith Olbermann's Head Explodes

I have to say I was amused to hear Keith Olbermann announce with child-like glee at 8:01pm that the race was too close to call and how that had to make the Clinton campaign nervous. The subtext of his enthusiasm was clearly shadenfreude that Hillary Clinton was going to underperform expectations. I thought to myself: where the hell has he been? Time after time exit polls overestimate Barack Obama's performance, not to mention that on election nights past, namely Feb 5th and March 4th, neither California nor Ohio, solid Clinton wins both, was called for her right away either. And sure enough, 93% in and she's still up by the magic 10%.

Then just a few minutes ago, Keith asked an uncomfortable Tom Brokaw whether it is wise for Hillary Clinton to be Bush to Obama's Gore in Bush v. Gore.


Seriously, at what point are these guys going to start holding their own candidate accountable for why this thing is still going on instead of complaining that Hillary is competing in contests that she is winning.

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Congratulations Are In Order

As an Obama supporter, I want to congratulate my friends across the aisle on a hard-fought victory tonight.  I look forward to the weeks and months ahead when we finally unite to defeat John McCain, regardless of whose banner we march under.  When we come together, we cannot be beaten.

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NBC News Calls Pennsylvania for Clinton

NBC News has called the Pennsylvania Democratic primary for Hillary Clinton, as has Fox News. No call thus far from CNN...

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White Men Swing Towards Obama, Though Clinton Still Carried Them

Interesting stuff just on CNN. According to Bill Schneider and Soledad O'Brien, Hillary Clinton carried the White male vote in Pennsylvania by a 53 percent to 46 percent margin (MSNBC had her up by a similar 55 percent to 45 percent margin). To keep in mind, Clinton won White males in Ohio by 19 points, suggesting this swing demographic may have moved towards Obama in the past month and a half. In contrast, Clinton carried White women by a 64 percent to 36 percent margin, about the same margin by which she led in Ohio. Whether this apparent movement will have a meaningful impact on the results (remember, Clinton won Ohio by about 10 points) remains to be seen...

Update [2008-4-22 20:28:21 by Jonathan Singer]: The Obama campaign, via Marc Ambinder, adds:

With voters over 60 in OH, Clinton won 69%, Obama got 28%. In PA, Obama earned 41% of the vote among voters over 60, and Clinton won 59%. The gap among seniors was cut by more than half, from 41 to 19.

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52% Turnout In PA

Once again in Pennsylvania, there have been reports of huge  turnout in today's primary:

Voting records seem sure to fall today in the critical Philadelphia suburbs. Already, 136 voters have cast their ballots at the Ardmore United Methodist Church. Judge of elections Kristina Shore said the typical primary draws less than 200 voters in a FULL DAY.

She called the turnout "astronomical."


Pennsylvania is on its way to the record turnout that election officials have been predicting for weeks, according to poll workers from across the state.

Election officials were reporting extremely heavy voter activity in many of the state's 67 counties throughout the morning, starting with long lines reported even before the polls opened at 7 a.m.


In Fellowship Hall at Conshohocken,, where Clinton is visiting, election official Jacqui Moore said turnout at the hall is running20-1 Democratic in a precinct where primary votes typically are split evenly between the two parties.

She said the 110 people who already had voted there by approximately 9:30 a.m. represented the typical turnout for an entire primary election day.

Per MSNBC, the PA Democratic Party is estimating turnout at 52%, which by my count would be upwards of 2 million voters. What that means is that a 10% victory for Clinton would mean she would eat into Obama's 800k popular vote lead by 25%.

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