Diva Sarah

The Right Wing idiocracy has gotten the Left wrong concerning Sarah Palin.

We are not afraid of Sarah Palin. Far from it. Sarah   Palin is the butt of a joke. We wish to continue laughing.

It is she who takes herself too seriously. As if she was some prodigious intellect and moral paragon. She assumes that she is the one who has all the answers, and that the whole world, jealous and insecure - is out to get her. Martyr complex anyone?

She has her defenders, like Michelle Malkin and Anne Coulter, who are as delusional as she is in that they manifest denial fantasies identical to those of Germans after both World Wars:

Malkin's is the one about a valiant warrior being "stabbed in the back," while Coulter's is the one where Germany has some secret plan to confound the enemy and save itself.

Only it's all about their fallen savior Sarah.

But all of them, including Diva Sarah, are reality challenged.

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Peggy Noonan and what the bull can't digest.

Peg? Can I call you, Peg?

Let's take this chronologically.

First yout Wall Street Journal Opinion piece from yesterday morning...

Let me say of myself and almost everyone I know in the press, all the chattering classes and political strategists and inside dopesters of the Amtrak Acela Line: We live in a bubble and have around us bubble people. We are Bubbleheads. We know this and try to compensate for it by taking road trips through the continent -- we're on one now, in Minneapolis -- where we talk to normal people. But we soon forget the pithy, knowing thing the garage mechanic said in the diner, and anyway we weren't there long enough in the continent to KNOW, to absorb. We view through a prism of hyper-sophistication, and judge by the rules of Chevy Chase and Greenwich, of Cleveland Park and McLean, of Bronxville and Manhattan.

And again we know this, we know this is our limit, our lack.

But we also forget it.

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More Conservative Pundit Bias From NBC

On MSNBC right now Tim Russert is hosting a political roundtable with NBC News' Chuck Todd, Jonathan Martin of The Politico and
Steve Hayes of The Weekly Standard. Notice anything wrong with this picture? Umm, where's the liberal pundit? This is a disturbing pattern with NBC lately. Here we have two non-partisan journalists (hell, Martin doesn't even write about the Democrats on his blog) plus one conservative journalist who has no pretense of objectivity. Hayes is a senior editor of The Weekly Standard and a noted Cheney biographer. After watching for ten minutes, I've already seen him say something to the effect that it's about time the rest of the world saw what we've been saying for ten years: that Bill Clinton is a liar.

The MO of these conservative pundits is to slam Democrats whenever they can while those that are tasked with achieving balance, even if they may appear to those on the right to lean left (reality often does,) bend over backwards not to criticize Republicans or praise Democrats.

Remember Sunday's Meet The Press where Peggy Noonan was the only partisan represented and indeed used the setting to slam Bill and Hillary Clinton and, more strikingly, praise Mitt Romney.

Romney will be one of--one of the big dogs down in Florida trying to get a hold of this thing. He does have a deep and serious background in business, a successful one, and if you talk to him, the single issue on which he is most compelling is America's competitive position in the world. Things that can hurt America, who's competing, what we have to do to make sure we are still running a fabulous economy. He really does have that in a way that is more compelling than the other candidates on the Republican side, and certainly, I think, on the Democratic side.

Can the media please stop treating her as some grande dame of politics rather than the partisan hack that she is?

Now, I should say that having Keith be MSNBC's election day co-anchor almost makes up for this trend...almost, but give me a break, do you think they'd ever have Rachel Maddow on without a Republican to balance her out?

Update [2008-1-26 17:54:47 by Todd Beeton]:Martin on McCain: he was "steadfast on the war and never wavered." Christ.

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Zsa Zsa Gabor on Climate Change

Take a look at Peggy Noonan's note on global warming in yesterday's WSJ and tell me if it's not a page from a Green Acres script.
http://www.opinionjournal.com/columnists pnoonan?id=110008676

Imagine Zsa Zsa Gabor talking in private to Arnold the Pig, and delivering the Noonan's lines: Is global warming real or not? If it is real, is it necessarily dangerous? What exactly are the dangers? Is global warming as dangerous as, say, global cooling would be?

She actually wrote that.

Darling I love you but give me Park Avenue.

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Lancing the Boil

The conservative movement is irredeemable. What William F. Buckley and Barry Goldwater launched decades ago was perverted into a corporate theocracy. In recent days, Kevin Phillips new book American Theocracy, has received much attention for his scholarly analysis of the movement's legacy. It's worth reading because Phillips also wrote The Emerging Republican Majority while working on the Nixon campaign. It was published a year later and proved prescient. This time Phillips documents the legacy of a movement he helped launch.

The rumblings of conservative intellectuals such as Phillips and Bruce Bartlett illustrate that the Republican crusade is sucking wind. Even President Reagan's former speechwriter Peggy Noonan openly asks whether Bush is a liberal.

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