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While we're talking about John Kasich possibly running for Ohio Gov, I was thinking of a certain other GOP elected official: Fmr. Treasurer and current Hamilton County Prosecuting Attorney Joe Deters.

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Paul Hackett on Affirmative Action: Takes it

Usually, when Paul Hackett ends up in the paper, it is going to be worth a read. I remember what I considered his great framing by tying gay marriage to the second amendment (the government shouldn't care about what my neighbors do in the privacy of their own home any more than they care about what I keep in my gun safe).

But now it looks like Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters (who was plagued by scandal as GOP Treasurer) is looking to take on Hackett in a way that is clearly backfiring and turning Hackett into even more of a hero in Ohio's second district.

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OH-02: Independent Poll Shows Wulsin-Schmidt Tied!

Today, SurveyUSA and a local Ohio ABC affiliate released a poll on the Ohio 2nd Congressional race between Dr. Victoria Wulsin and the infamous Jean "Mean Jean" Schmidt.

The poll shows a statistical dead heat between the Good Doctor and the Vet Basher. Schmidt pulled 45%, Wulsin pulled 42%, and the margin of error? 4.5%.

What's more, the crosstabs are equally striking. A full 12% of voters remain undecided, most of whom should break to the challenger in this anti-incumbent year. And the poll shows Wulsin leading Schmidt among Independent voters, 48% to 38%. Wulsin solidifies her base better than Schmidt, winning an impressive 86% of Democrats while Schmidt only draws 71% of Republicans - and 13% of the other R's have already decided they're voting Wulsin.

This is just one more sign that this race is winnable. Mean Jean is vulnerable (or, as fellow Republicans put it, "endangered") and all we need to do to blast through that margin of error is show people that Vic Wulsin makes a great alternative. If Vic can raise $100,000 over the next 10 days, we can get her name recognition high enough to win this race.

In other words, please help us now. Southern Ohio, John Murtha, and America will thank you in November.

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MI-09: Paul Hackett wants to give Nancy Skinner A Fighting Chance

I got this email today from Paul Hackett.

We have been taken down the wrong path in Washington and it doesn't have to be that way.  President Bush and Joe Knollenberg have jeopardized not only the lives of the brave men and women with whom I served, but also our nation's global credibility.  You can change all of that, though, and give us a fighting chance once again by helping my friend, Nancy Skinner.

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Contributions Needed for Paul Hackett's St. Louis Visit


Paul Hackett is scheduled to be the keynote speaker at the November Victory Democratic Challenger Convention August 18 through 20, 2006. Participants are fundraising to cover expenses for the event.  Here is a message from the 100+ Democratic Congressional Candidates and staff who form the November Victory discussion group (Cross-posted to Philosophe Forum and SoapBlox/LiberIL View):

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