Paul Broun: The Sugar Plum Tea Bagger

The average American’s concept of government workers is that they lounge all day on comfy divans while being fanned by servants who peel grapes in return for fabulous riches and a retirement plan bigger than Bill Gates’. Oh, and they have guaranteed lifetime employment and don’t have to pay taxes either.

In other words, with the taxpayers all snug in their beds, visions of fairy tales dance in their heads.

Government Slackers
Where do the fairy tales come from? Why, from people like Tea Bagging, “Stupidest Member of Congress” nominee Rep. Paul Broun. In his words:

“We’ve got to stop the outrageous spending that’s going on. We hear the CBO says, well if we don’t raise the debt limit, it’s going to put so many people out of work. I don’t remember the number, I think it’s 250,000 or something, are gonna be put out of work. Well, those are gonna be government employees that are put out of work.

There aren’t many people who’d argue cuts are unneeded. Private sector workers – who apparently have “real jobs” -  are losing them, unlike their company’s top executives. It’s only fair that true inefficiencies in government be rooted out and with it, unfortunately, their jobs. Sharing the pain at moments like this can’t be helped.

However, choosing the “250,000 or something” candidates based on the assumption they’re goldbrickers is arrogant as hell. Who exactly are these people and does Broun know one damn thing about them or their jobs? Well, if he can’t remember whether there are 2 or 250,000 lazy government sponges it seems he’s maybe a little fuzzy on the details.

Broun apparently thinks cutting government is easy – as easy as pulling out his trusty chainsaw and going all Paul Bunyan on it. He could come up with the whole deal by simply cutting the military. They have 3 million troops, what could be easier? Hey, needlessly getting your ass shot off to protect some crapulent Afghan thieves and Congressional goobers is about as cushy a federal job there is. Just ask the troops. But, make sure they’re unarmed first.

DIY Flowbeeing
What about the personal Congressional staffers and Capitol police? We can do without them. I don’t have a staff and still have enough time to watch Broun embarrass himself on C-SPAN. Hey, just for good measure lets can the Capitol barbers and lazy ass Congressional Dining Room staff too. I’m sure Broun’s hoi polloi would be more than agreeable to Flowbeeing their own hair, bussing their own tables, and washing their own dishes. They might even have enough time to take calls from lobbyists when they’re done with their effortless tasks.

But perhaps the greatest savings would be to cut just one supremely indolent government employee. I believe his name is Paul Broun. The savings on his perks, free healthcare, and better than private sector pension could finance the Global War of Error for about 6 minutes. His free franking privileges are probably worth a couple thousand, easy. Besides, he and his cronies have control of the purse strings and are clearly honest enough to make these mandatory cuts. I trust ‘em, don’t you?

I know it’s a lot to ask of politicians these days, particularly one bagging so much tea the Lipton Tea Taster would get a hard-on, but could they please understand what they’re saying before they say it? I imagine government employees would really appreciate it.

And, so would the rest of us.

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Georgia Congressmen Angry At Biden For Not Being Invited

Two Georgia Congressman are angry at Vice President Joe Biden for what they say was a violation of White House protocol.

Paul Broun and Nathan Deal, both Republicans, say they weren't invited to Dawsonville, Georgia's Impulse Manufacturing plant where the Vice President announced $33 million in stimulus funds to bring broadband access to north Georgia.

Biden appeared on Thursday with Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue (R) to tout the effects of the stimulus law in Rep. Nathan Deal's (R-Ga.) district.

Deal said he was caught off guard by the media event. He explained that had it not been for Perdue's office making a courtesy call, he would not have known Biden was planning to appear in his district.

Deal's Georgia colleague, GOP Rep. Paul Broun, whose neighboring district will also be affected by Biden's announcement of stimulus dollars going into broadband development, said that he had not been invited either.

Hooper, Molly K (2009-12-17).  Georgia lawmakers: Biden snubbed us.  The Hill.  Retrieved on 2009-12-18.

Really?  I mean, really?

These two Republicans are upset with the Vice President for allegedly leaving them off the invite list?  Really?  These two Republicans, who didn't vote for the stimulus bill in the first place, are angry that Biden didn't given them a little respect?  Really?  Congressmen Broun and Deal say they didn't know that Biden would be in town when the Atlanta Journal Constitution broke the news on Monday and the White House Press Office notified the media, including this blogger, the following Tuesday?  Really?

And Paul Broun and Nathan Deal are actually raising a ruckus about this to the media?  Really?  I mean, really?

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Georgia Republican Backs Castration For Child Rapists

Georgia Congressman Paul Broun (R - Athens) introduced two pieces of legislation in May that would allow for the death penalty to be imposed on individuals convicted of rape of a person under 16 years of age and would also allow for the castration of convicted child rapists.

The two bills,  which were both introduced as proposed constitutional amendments, seek to exempt the death penalty and castration from the cruel and unusual punishment clause in the U.S. Constitution.

While few would disagree that the penalties for those convicted of harming our society's most vulnerable citizens should be harsh, castration or death may not be the road mainstream America wants to go down.

H.J.RES.83 and H.J.RES.82 both sit in the House Judiciary Committee.

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GA-10: Strange Bedfellows

Yesterday voters in Georgia's 10th district went to the polls to elect their newest congressman to replace Charlie Norwood who died in February of cancer. Although results are not official and it's extremely close (results), it looks as though the better of the two Republicans running in yesterday's run-off, Athens physician Paul Broun, will be named the victor once the results are certified next week. In a statement, Broun said:

"I look forward to working with the powers who were trying to anoint their congressman," said Broun, who attributed his victory to a coalition of Christian conservatives, disaffected Republicans and Democrats.

Yes, Broun's opponent, former state senator Jim Whitehead, had the money and the establishment endorsements but Broun had progressive blogs like Tondee's Tavern urging Democrats in the district to vote for him. And it looks like it worked, as liberal Athens, GA turned out big time for him.

CQ has the story:

Broun took a whopping total of nearly 90 percent of the vote in Clarke County, which includes Athens and the University of Georgia community in that city. The county, which is the most heavily Democratic in the mainly Republican 10th District, backed Democrat Marlow in the primary, so the vote in Tuesday's runoff appeared to have at least as much anti-Whitehead as pro-Broun sentiment.

Whitehead drew the ire of Athens-area residents when he made disparaging comments about the University of Georgia, his alma mater, as a liberal hotbed, and did not attend a debate at the Athens Press Club. Athens voters were encouraged by the Athens Banner-Herald to cast votes for Broun to make an anti-Whitehead statement. Some voters also leaned to Broun because they regardedWhitehead -- the favorite of the Republican political establishment in Washington, D.C. -- as too much of an insider.

So I guess this whole bi-partisan cooperation thing CAN be used for good. Assuming Broun's lead persists, way to go GA-10th for helping to keep the wingnut factor in Congress down even if we couldn't turn the seat blue.

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