Patriot Act, FISA, George Will, and tying things together

In his opinion piece from today, George Will says this:
George Will: The administration's argument about the legality of the NSA program also has been discordant with the administration's argument about the urgency of extending the Patriot Act. Many provisions of that act are superfluous if a president's wartime powers are as sweeping as today's president says they are.
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PATRIOT Act - Final Senate shootout on Tuesday [week]

The last chance for Dem action in the Senate to hold up renewal of the PATRIOT Act on the terms of the White House 'agreement' comes next Tuesday.

The bill (S 2271) under discussion makes minor changes to the draft conference report of the PATRIOT Act renewal bill (HR 3199) so that it conforms to the version on which the Dem leadership signed off.

Today, the vote on cloture on the motion to proceed was passed 96-3, with Byrd, Feingold and Jeffords voting against, and Vitter not voting.

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Feingold, Alone, Filibusters Patriot Act

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E-mail from Trouthout -- Thu, 16 Feb 2006 12:47:00

Feingold, Alone, Filibusters Patriot Act J.shtml
In a case of legislative deja vu, Sen. Russell Feingold launched another lonely filibuster against the USA Patriot Act, but sponsors predicted enough support to overcome the objection and extend parts of the law set to expire March 10.

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Incredible Speech By Feingold Today

Today Russ Feingold laid it all out on the line on the floor of the US Senate.

He stated clearly, and succinctly just what is at stake with the NSA spying scandal.

He states clearly that the President is violating the law and how. He states clearly that he thinks the Congress needs to do something.

This speech needs to be read.

Link to speech

Link to his office e-mail

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Frameshop: On 'Patriot' Act, Dems Should Use Cindy's Playbook

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As Republicans Talk Of Eliminating 'Wall' Between FBI and Police, Democrats Should Reframe Debate By Demanding To 'Meet With The President'

In the debate to renew the Patriot Act, Democrats are losing because they are not framing the debate on their terms.  The current debate is being framed by the President and his allies in Congress.  They are winning the debate by talking about a 'wall' that exists between police and the FBI or CIA.  This 'wall' is a magic word that is being repeated over and over again, defining a frame that helps the President achieve his agenda on the Patriot Act.

To respond, the Democrats must set their own frame, use their own magic word.  But what should that be?

Democrats should reframe debate in terms that make sense to the American people:  Security is about working together.  The first  step to working together:  The President  should meet with Senators seeking to clarify the Patriot Act.  "Mr. President:  For the Security of the American people -- Sit down with us."

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