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In an attempt to stay on Holy Joe Lieberman's good side, and thus retain their razor-thin Senate majority, all Democratic Christian Senators today pledged to immediately convert to Judaism.

For those Democrats who are already Jewish, they have agreed to go from Reform to Orthodox Judaism (skipping right over the "conservative" branch, with its negative political connotations).

The Democratic Caucus also agreed to replace the Senate chaplain with a rabbi, and to lower the number for a Senate quorum to "ten," in accordance with Jewish law governing minyans.

Of course, shutting down Congress early on Friday is not even at issue, since members skip town by Thursday afternoons anyway.


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Republicans For Voldemort - The Christian Right and the Dark Arts

When I was first given the idea to write an article comparing the tactics of the religious right to the "dark arts" a la Harry Potter, I must admit I was tempted to write a snark-o-rama to entertain progressive intellectuals.  However, the more that I thought about it, I realized that this was an important subject requiring serious contemplation.

One thing that I hesitate to do, however, is use such simple colour coded phrases like "white" and "black" to discribe magick.  They're culturally popular, and I will use them occsiaionally to drive home a point, but I still find it distasteful.  Call me a bleeding-heart liberal, but I think it a tad bit racist to think that every thing bad and evil is "black" and everything positive and good is "white".  I know a great many African-American magicians who would take issue with that.

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Once Again, Let's All Repeat That Dean Was Elected

Rahm Emanuel cursed out Dean yesterday for inadequate DNC spending on his priorities, and he's tracking the Presidential candidates to see how helpful they are for DCCC fundraising.  The leaders are Kerry, Clark, and Gore (though Emanuel has come out publicly for Hillary Clinton).  This is in addition to the point system Emanuel has implemented for House members.  This is basically what Tom Delay did to cement control and discipline in the Republican caucus, liberally sprinkle candidates with money and punish those who can't or won't raise it.  I think it's going to be harder to implement this system of control on the Democratic side, but I don't see many other attempts to build a political machine that can wield power.

My guess is that Emanuel's verbal attack on Dean is a mixture of anger and CYA in case the Democrats don't take the House.  There's a lot of self-promotion going on with his tough image, and he's a bully.  I know credible people who have been thrown out of his office for not hewing to his ideological brew.  I've also heard that his DCCC doesn't listen particularly well to local leaders, claims credit for pretty much everything, and tends to throw its weight around.  The big single issue groups operating out of DC often look to the DCCC endorsement to see whether they should come in on a race (see Duckworth, Tammy).

At the same time, if your perspective is simply that of a partisan, I kind of have to ask, so what?  Emanuel is an effective fundraiser and competent at the mechanics of elections.  He's a smart operator in the House, and it's clear that House Democrats desperately need a system for wielding power and a set of incentives/disincentives for cooperating with each other and acting as partisans.

Still, this anger is silly.  Emanuel has to know that Dean was elected DNC Chair on a promise to not spend money on behalf of national committees like the DCCC.  He also has to know that he could have intervened during the DNC Chair race, but he did not.  He's probably kicking himself for allowing Dean in there.  

I worked on that race against Dean, but it's very much a good thing Dean is following through on his promises to state parties.  I'm not a fan of Dean's recent pandering (neither is Taylor Marshor John Aravosis) and his lie about the Democratic Party platform, but promises should be kept.  And Dean won that race fair and square on a platform of spending money in the states and not on a cycle basis, so bitching now about how he spends the DNC's money is sour grapes.

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Robertson lashes out at professors

The Good Reverend is at it again. When he's not wishing foreign leaders, Supreme Court justices or entire cities dead, Pat Robertson fills the airwaves by attempting to force his fringe ideology onto America. Tuesday morning, Robertson's target was college professors.

Promoting David Horowitz's latest book, an anti-academia screed, Robertson was guilty of the worst kind of religious right projection: Accusing others of things he and his followers are guilty of.

Robertson called professors radicals. Propagandists. Individuals who "don't want anybody else except them." People who brainwash the vulnerable and beat up their opponents. No blacker a pot has ever called a kettle names.

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Pat Robertson Says: Islam is the Work of the Devil

I am outraged at the latest Pat Robertson hate speech and I want to start fighting back. His comments on Islam are little different than a KKK member calling blacks stupid or Jews greedy bankers. He has slipped into the realm of intolerance and I cannot sit by and say nothing. I am not Muslim. In fact, I am pro-Israel Jewish. But that doesn't mean I find racism against Muslims acceptable in any way.

I posted a version of this over at dKos and was surprised at how few people saw this as something worth fighting over. I am hoping that more people over here are as outraged as I am. Please read on for details.

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