Jimmy Carter to U.S. Jews: Forgive me for stigmatizing Israel

After making millions of singling out Israel and spreading misleading half-truths and even lies about the Jewish State, along with aiding and giving legitimacy to Islamic terrorist groups such as Hamas, Jimmy Carter has decided to offer an apology of sorts for stagmatizing Israel.

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Benjamin Netanyahu, peacemaker.

Benjamin Netanyahu, in a surprising turn of events after months of pressure from our President Barack Obama, today endorsed the creation of a Palestinian Arab state in the West Bank (Judea and Samaria), and urged the peace negotiations to begin. This coming after years of heartache and heartbreak over the peace process, from when Arafat rejected the 2000 offer from Prime Minister Ehud Barak, to the second intifada, the withdrawal of all Israelis from the Gaza Strip, which led to the Hamas takeover of Gaza (which could now be called the Islamic Republic of Hamastan), to the present day, and Netanyahu's earlier foot dragging on this issue.

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Obama: Israeli Settlements "Have To Be Stopped"

Two cheers for President Obama.

President Obama, at the press conference yesterday with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu:

Now, Israel is going to have to take some difficult steps as well, and I shared with the Prime Minister the fact that under the roadmap and under Annapolis that there's a clear understanding that we have to make progress on settlements.  Settlements have to be stopped in order for us to move forward.

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On Israeli Settlement Freeze, Public Has Obama's Back

There have been hints in the press that the Obama Administration has been considering conditioning U.S. aid to Israel on a real freeze of Israeli settlement expansion in the West Bank. There's a conventional wisdom that suggests that doing this would touch a "third rail of politics." But the conventional wisdom might not have been accurate; if it once was accurate, it might not be accurate any more.

WorldPublicOpinion.org has just released a poll showing that three-quarters of Americans oppose Israeli settlement expansion in the West Bank. This number is up 23 points from 2002.

Even among respondents who say they sympathize with Israel more than the Palestinians, 64% say Israel should not build settlements in the West Bank.

Opposition to settlements is found among majorities of Democrats, Republicans, and independents. Those who followed the issue closely oppose settlement expansion by the same margin as those who don't.

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Obama's Historic TV Interview On Arab TV( video)

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[Personal comment: There was a diary of this event at DK and a good portion of the response was semi-negative since he choose a network other than AljazerraEnglish. I do not, as an experienced politico,understand why anyone with a brain doesn't understand this is a positive historic event that needs recognition and support.

The most important part of the event is that fact that for the first time the Arab, Muslim and Persian worlds can hear an American President articulate his vision on one of THEIR networks. It is a significant step forward to those groups. I frankly do not understand why so many in the 'progressive left' (a term I think is being misapplied these days) have such politically tin ears. An American President on Arab TV gives that President a forum to reach everyone! It is,in fact, historic and huge diplomatic step forward.]

On 1.27.09 President Obama took the historic step of being interviewed by the Al Arabiya Television network. It is the first time any high ranking official has ever granted an interview to Arab or Muslim TV networks. Seen widely in the Arab and Muslim world it is an affirmation of Obama's campaign promise to reach out to that world.

At points in the formal interview Obama says


"Now, my job is to communicate the fact that the United States has a stake in the well-being of the Muslim world, that the language we use has to be a language of respect.

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