How DINOs evolve, how they go extinct

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In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, as progressive blogosphere favorite Ciro Rodriguez went down to defeat against Henry Cuellar (DINO-TX-28), Chris Bowers at liberal supersite MyDD suddenly recognized a fairly important feature of the Texas Democratic primaries:

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Michelman for Senate in PA? Please, no!

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Something tells me she'll decide against it in the end, but it appears that Kate Michelman, the abortion rights leader, is thinking of running as a spoiler in the Pennsylvania Senate race.  Well, of course, she doesn't intend to be a spoiler, but let's not kid ourselves.

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Chuck Pennacchio for Senate.

Today, I am endorsing Chuck Pennacchio for Senate in 2006. This will be one of many endorsements I will be making on my blog and linking to. I will not always endorse the establishment candidate. I may even endorse a sleeper candidate from time to time.

I feel that the Democratic Party must become a party of principle if we are to win again and build a permanent majority so that Bush and his minions can never take power again. This means that we should vote for the candidate who is the best person on the issues, who plays by the rules, who campaigns actively, and who will listen to people.

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Just one more poll showing Casey killing Santorum

One reason why I LOVE Philadelphia?

Sure, we got parks, beautiful architecture, nightlife, the rivers, history, and all that.  But, right now, the biggest reason why I love my City?  George Bush has a an 18 percent job approval rating within Philly.  Seriously, 18 percent!  I love Philly so much sometimes.

Other interesting poll findings:

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PA Zogby Poll

He's not well-known. His name sounds like Pinocchio. He's a teacher. He doesn't have money... All of those things have been said about my candidate for US Senate Chuck Pennacchio. Well, fuck that shit. commissioned Zogby International to poll Pennsylvanians about the issues at stake. The Senate race, Alito, paper ballots, W, the War... The results are in and the analysis has begun.

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