Stopping The Every-13-Second Foreclosure Clock

In America, a family is losing its home every 13 seconds.  

This appalling statistic brings home the punishment working families are taking from the foreclosure crisis, a crisis acting like a cancer on the economic recovery.  We at ACORN applauded President Obama's "Making Home Affordable" plan to stop 3 to 4 million of the expected 9 million foreclosures over the next four years, but more needs to be done - much more.  

As documented in a new report that ACORN released Wednesday, "Road to Rescue", strong community organizing resulted in Philadelphia pioneering the most successful anti-foreclosure program in the country.  

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We Are Willing To Go To Any Means Necessary

On Wednesday I wrote a piece on Huffington Post and another at Open Left talking about the centrality of fixing the foreclosure crisis to any recovery from the economic meltdown. Since the toxic assets at the center of the meltdown are based on mortgages that are entering foreclosure at a rate of one every 13 seconds, we have to address foreclosure as a part of getting America back on its feet.

The Homeowner Affordability and Stabilization Plan (HASP), announced in Phoenix on Wednesday by President Obama, which will help up to an estimated 9 million families, is a good first step - and the first serious effort by the Federal government to confront the challenge. But just because there was an announcement does not lessen the urgency of the problem. We are still in a situation where four families every minute enter the foreclosure process. We believe there must be a moratorium on foreclosures until HASP is fully implemented.

So yesterday we at ACORN launched the Home Defenders campaign in seven cities - a campaign to force the question of moratoriums and to press the urgency of this crisis into the consciousness of elected officials on the state and national levels. This is a campaign of refusal and resistance, refusal by distressed homeowners to cooperate with the foreclosure process and resistance to attempts to evict them from their homes. And in some cases it is a campaign of getting people back into their homes.

I wanted to give everyone a report-back from our activities yesterday, which you can find in the extended entry.

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Poll Results: FL-07: John ("Jack") Chagnon (D) vs. John Mica (R)

P r e s s  R e l e a s e

Florida's 7th Congressional District, October 16, 2006: The results of a scientific poll of Florida's 7th Congressional District race between John ("Jack") Chagnon and John Mica (R) were released today.  The polling was conducted from Oct. 4 - Oct. 11 by Einhorn & Lewis, Inc. of Daytona Beach, one of the most experienced and respected bipartisan political polling firms in East-Central Florida.

The sample of 501 likely voters was collected from randomly-sequenced data obtained from elections supervisors in all six counties of the 7th District: Flagler, Orange (Orlando), Putnam, St. Johns (s. Jacksonville suburbs), Seminole (n. Orlando), and Volusia (Daytona Beach).  The stratified sample matched the current distribution of registered voters in the District by gender, race, party affiliation, and county of residence.  All results refer to likely voters and have a 4 percent margin of error, unless otherwise indicated.

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