Hit Man Olbermann: "Take Her Into a Room..."

Imagine a prominent television newscaster saying this on air:

"....someone who can take Obama and Clinton out behind the shed, and only she comes out."

Just imagine.

In case you missed it, Keith Olbermann on Countdown said this Wednesday:

"....somebody who can take her (Clinton) into a room, and only he comes out."

Does Keith secretly want to eliminate all strong women, or just those who threaten to beat a man for the Presidency?

Take a look...

This is serious. It's a threat. Olbermann is implying that "someone" should physically remove Hillary Clinton.  Take her out.  Get rid of her.

Where is the uproar, the outrage, the demands for Olbermann's resignation?  We know that such comments would be unacceptable if they were aimed at Obama.

Clinton needs to be removed, says Olbermann, because of the "negativity, for which she is mostly responsible" in the Democratic race, quoting The New York Times editorial "The Low Road to Victory."

But the Times' Paul Krugman corrected the record today, and strongly rejected the Wednesday editorial in his piece "Self Inflicted Confusion:"

According to many Obama supporters, it's all Hillary's fault. If she hadn't launched all those vile, negative attacks on their hero -- if she had just gone away -- his aura would be intact, and his mission of unifying America still on track.

But how negative has the Clinton campaign been, really? Yes, it ran an ad that included Osama bin Laden in a montage of crisis images that also included the Great Depression and Hurricane Katrina. To listen to some pundits, you'd think that ad was practically the same as the famous G.O.P. ad accusing Max Cleland of being weak on national security.

It wasn't. The attacks from the Clinton campaign have been badminton compared with the hardball Republicans will play this fall. If the relatively mild rough and tumble of the Democratic fight has been enough to knock Mr. Obama off his pedestal, what hope did he ever have of staying on it through the general election?

Most rational people agree that both campaigns have attacked each other. Certainly Obama's campaign has not been innocent. It's called politics; this is a rough race for the most important job in the world.

Now, Obama's whining is having such an impact on his media pals that they are calling for Clinton to be taken "into a room?"

It's criminal to suggest that Clinton should somehow be restrained because Obama seems to have suffered a setback in this heated contest.  As Krugman says, if Obama can't survive the relatively tame primary battle, he'll be useless in the general election.

Olbermann should be fired for implying that it would be appropriate to harm a presidential candidate.


(Cross posted at texasdarlin.wordpress.com. Also see SusanUnPC's post on this topic at No Quarter.)

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Why won't Clinton denounce this

I do not see another diary on this, so thought I would throw up a quick one. If someone else beat me to it and this is a repeat, I apologize.

The North Carolina Republican party is running an attack ad against  Senator Obama and two North Carolina candidates for governor, Bev Purdue and Richard Moore.

The ad can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JXxkctYRA ZQ

See what Olbermann and Rachel Maddow have to say about this here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJqvxntuF B0

Senator McCain has denounced the ad.  The National Republican Party has denounced the ad.  

So Why hasn't Senator Clinton denounced the ad?  It is inexcusable and very telling.

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The lady has class and makes me chuckle

Two things stuck out in my mind tonight as Hillary Clinton made her way from Larry to Keith to the Obliterator (OK, so I don't watch much WWE and I made that name up, sue me). Firstly, Hillary Clinton is one classy lady. It is amazing to see a woman and a mother who has put up with so much and taken so much flack, stand up so straight and proud for the country she loves. It is amazing to see her, with dignity and grace, go on Keith Olbermann's Count-the-ways-I-love-Obama-down and face him and his dishonest questioning- with a bit of humor too!

Did anyone notice Keith's convenient paraphrasing? Like when he forgot to mention the second half of Obama's quote- the bit where he destroyed the DNC's campaign of the last two months by saying McCain would be a better President than Bush? Well I sure as hell didn't miss it and neither did Hillary. But unlike me, who would have directly called b.s. on loverboy Olbermann, Hillary did something better- she refuted Olbermann's assumptions and then did what needed to be done- she cast McCain as not just the same as Bush, but worse. And I paraphase:

In fact [McCain's] statement about being willing to leave troops in Iraq for up to 100 years is something that I absolutely reject, that would be worse than President Bush...

Thank you Hillary, for knowing how to take the fight to 'em! And with such poise- no one does it better.

Secondly, I caught a video today that I want to share. Its Chelsea, you know, that beautiful, articulate, intelligent woman that just happened to be raised by Hillary Clinton. I think children speak volumes about the character of the person who raised them, but thats just me- I am just a hick with guns from Montana- a bit old-fashioned if you will. Here is the vid of Chelsea, it makes me even more proud to be a Hillary supporter:

Ok, so I can't get the video to embed... I blame the machine

Happy PA primary folks! Give all you can to our girl- let her know we are proud of her and we appreciate all she has, is and will do for this country.

The sense of humor bit? When Hillary said this to Olbermann:

...but I do believe in redemption Keith... I think its possible for anyone to see the error of their ways... ...I am bringing people together as we speak...

Well, I still haven't stopped giggling

No Quarter kindly put this up as well, with video (something I was not able to accomplish!)

Who's Electable Now?

When "electability" is a candidate's last desperate argument to superdelegates that they should overrule pledged delegates and overturn the popular vote, news like this has to be a stake in the heart.

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Simple explanation for media behavior

It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on
his not understanding it. -- Upton Sinclair

Much has been made of Keith Olbermann's recent slide into virulent anti-Clinton spin. Is he a misogynist? closet righty? Obamaniac? Acting on double-secret marching orders from the VWRC? It seems to me there is a much simpler explanation - straightforward careerism.

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