George H.W. Bush Rips Maddow, Olbermann: They Are
"Sick Puppies"

I thought that Bush 41 had more class. Olbermann can be a bit harsh, but Rachel,while incisive, is fair and has a
charming light touch.


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Car Pay Diem!

I just have to make note of this sly pun in a lower-third on tonight's Countdown, titling his #4 story on the auto bailout saga.

One of the most unsung virtues of Keith Olbermann's show are those punny captions at the bottom of the screen titling the segments, known in the trade as "lower-thirds" (lower-third of the screen.)  They're reason enough to make his show appointment viewing - fans of the Rocky & Bullwinkle Show would all agree.

This one was right up there, along with "Shiite Storm."

Not a policy-based comment this - just a nod and a tout to some under-appreciated humor.

~ Rob

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Olbermann on Prop 8

Keith Olbermann gave a special comment tonight regard Prop 8.  Really, it's about more than Prop 8, it is about common humanity.  I was rather impressed.

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Best "Worst" Ever.

No further comment necessary. Enjoy.....

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'Keith-ing it.'

Update [2008-6-13 1:41:2 by canadian gal]: I encourage you all to watch the videos below so that you can construe the comments on your own. I will also add that the purpose of this diary is to point out KO's use of the word 'nonsense.'

On Wednesday, CBS' Katie Couric was honored by the Sewall-Belmont House and Museum at their Alice Award Luncheon Gala. She was recognized for "her remarkable career in news media, her ground breaking role as the first female solo anchor of a weekday network evening broadcast and her tireless advocacy for colorectal cancer screening, which has helped save the lives of countless men and women each year" (according to a release).

At the event, Couric weighed in on the media treatment in the primary.  'However you feel about her politics, I feel that Sen. Clinton received some of the most unfair, hostile coverage I've ever seen.' She went on to say that latent sexism contributed, in part, to Hillary's defeat.  She referred to one "prominent member of the commentariat" who said he "found it hard to be objective when it came to Obama.""That's your job," she remembers thinking when hearing this, before suggesting that he "find another line of work."

Last night, Keith Olbermann - on his show Countdown, named Couric "Worst Person in the World" for her remarks.  Here is a summary of his comments with regard to Couric:

-called her sexism charge against the media "nonsense" and "a little Kool-aid ish but that's her opinion and she's entitled to it."

-said she wasn't entitled to her comments about the "prominent member of the commentariat" who struggled to be objective.

-said "he didn't name him, maybe because she didn't bother to look it up," and he went on to identify the individual as an NBC correspondent whom in Olbermann's view had been "speaking with refreshing honesty, acknowledging that the environment of that campaign and the ferocity of the candidate's supporters in the primaries challenged a reporter to be especially professional and vigilant in separating the hype from the news."

-said the reporter was "utterly objective and accurate" and of Couric's charge that he "should find another line of work" Olbermann said that "by leaving NBC and the Today Show Ms. Couric already has."

As Rachel Sklar so impeccably points out  for Olbermann to "sit there on MSNBC and say that it's nonsense is a bit rich, considering that some of the higher-profile episodes of embarrassing sexist-or-perceived-as-sexist commentary has come from that network."

So - in light of this, I propose a new term for continually jumping the shark...

'Keith-ing it.'

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