Alaskan Oil Spill

How many people have heard that the largest oil spill ever has occurred off the coast of Alaska? Check it out here?

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A Conversation with Fighting Dem Jeff Latas (AZ-08), Part One

Jeff Latas Interview, Part One
Conducted March 8, 2006 at Bentley's House of Coffee, Tucson, AZ by William Harryman (Raven's View).

[Jeff Latas, for those of you who don't know, is running for Congress in AZ's 8th District. He is one of the "fighting Dems," having served a career in the US Air Force (including missions in Desert Storm). Jeff was gracious in spending an hour answering questions and sharing his views on a variety of subjects. This is the first installment of that interview. We cover his environmental stance, oil, and immigration.]

Jeff (taking about his campaign): Obviously we have a challenge. We are a true grassroots campaign. We have a lot of outstanding people working for us right now, some of the best in the state when it comes to grassroots. I'm humbled, to be quite honest, that these people want to come help us out.

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Lots And Lots Of Blood For Lots And Lots Of Oil

As some of you may Know, I tend to try to look at political issues from new, or even conspiratorial  angles. I am a born speculator. So picture this conceivable scenario:

Contrary to the reports of oil production and export falling sharply subsequent to the Iraq Invasion, lots and lots of oil are being taken out of Iraq by somebody. Right now. Huge amounts. And some one is making obscene profits while American soldiers are paying the ultimate price. What if it really, literally, is blood for oil?

Now consider this little item:

Ureknet (dot) info:

The 48 Hour Media-blitz for War with Iran
Mike Whitney
11/03/2006 amp;s2=11

(Also on)
countercurrents (dot) org: 0306.htm

Bush, Cheney, Bolton, Rice, Rumsfeld, Burns, Congress, and Israel.

Whoa! That's quite a line-up.

All in the last 48 hours!

Was it spontaneous or a calculated public-relations campaign?

If the Beltway & Forth Estate Warlords attack Iran, will it really be about "weapons?"

Or will they immediately go into the small Khuzestan Province of Iran, where the oil is?

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The Brinkmanship of Energy Geopolitics

...The United States can print dollars to buy up oil in the international exchange, rocketing prices above the stratosphere. These can be gifted to strategic partners and allies in a barter deal to compensate for a possible shutdown in Chinese imports. Everything China manufactures can be sourced elsewhere. If the US is profiting massively from this situation, would there be an immense, domestic financial turmoil? That's a tricky question for economists. There has been no parallel. Worldwide inventories of goods are now tracked in real-time, adding some certainty to demand and supply...

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Beware the Ides of March

...Unfortunately, the message is still not sinking in that Iran is not Cuba. The Bay of Pigs is not the Straits of Hormuz. There, on an island called Abu Musa, the Iranians have already deployed sophisticated anti-ship missiles and artillery shells, trained on a tiny gateway through which half of our global oil flows. In other words, the Iranians can turn this vital oil route into a fiery inferno and precipitate global economic pandemonium, should the US embark on a unilateral action...

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