Clean Car Research Never Reaches Production

GM's Impact prototype vehicle later to be produced as the EV1

It seems that every 10 years or so US automakers take a bunch of money from the Federal Government and sometimes state and local governments in developing one or two high mileage demonstration vehicles. I believe this is to assure government that it is capable of producing a vehicle that truly saves on gasoline. The automakers meet the objectives of the contract; they roll out one or two vehicles, but then they do nothing else. They show the world that the US auto industry can make production vehicles that get 80+ miles to the gallon and then arrogantly refuse to produce them after having soaked up all of the government research dollars.

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Think of Energy in a New Way

Wave Power Generation by Ocean Power Delivery being installed off the coast of Spain.

I was asked to respond to the following statement. "Joseph, would you address the issue that electricity is a secondary energy source? While its use would lead to cleaner cars, it will still be necessary to generate the energy to be converted to electrochemical form. The Second Law of Thermodynamics says that energy is lost at each stage when we transform energy from one form to another. The heavy reliance upon personal vehicles will still demand a greater and greater consumption of energy. We will simply move the source of local pollution away from drivers, but how will [it] bring energy consumption down and minimize environmental destruction? "

First of all energy is found in many forms, many of which we name and think of as substantive, but they are not substantive. Electricity is equal to the movement of your hand, is equal to sun shine, is the heat coming off the highway, the differences are just spectral.

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Forget About Stopping The War, Chalabi Will

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Because Congress isn't going to do a thing about it.

David Sirota: "Democrats are not serious about ending the war, or even trying to slow it down."
"Democrats are considering cutting President Bush's $142 billion budget request for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan next year by $20 billion, Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad said Thursday." - AP, morning of 3/1/07


"Just hours after floating the idea of cutting $20 billion from President Bush's $142 billion request for military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan next year, Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad was overruled by fellow Democrats Thursday. 'Our caucus feels strongly that we should go with the president's numbers' on 2008 war costs, Conrad said." - AP, afternoon of 3/1/07
Nope, they'd rather pass a pork-filled defense spending bill than use the power of the purse.

This is the first time, ever, in the long history of the Internet Toobz, that Mark Noonan was right.  (Gawd, it sickens me to actually type those words.)

But never fear, our savior will soon be here and all will be roses and liberators.

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David Podvin: Exit Strategy

The excerpt below is posted with the full permission, even encouragement, of the author, who wants his essays to be read by as many people as possible.


By David Podvin
February 26, 2007

When George W. Bush signed Executive Order 13303 that effectively transferred Iraqi oil into American custody it constituted history's greatest acquisition of wealth. Iraq contains proven oil reserves of 115 billion barrels, and geological surveys indicate that a similar amount of unconfirmed petroleum deposits exist. At current prices, the oil that lies beneath the Iraqi sand is worth approximately fourteen trillion dollars.


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Liberals are WRONG about Bush (political cartoon)

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