Liquid Coal

The last few days or so, a friend I met in 2nd life pointed me to a book that she wanted me to read called "The Princess Trilogy" by Jean Sasson. Now, this book doesn't paint the Saudi Arabians in too nice of a light. In fact, its a true story and its kind of shocking. But what was interesting was, that this book is a bestseller and it is so difficult to find.

First, I couldn't find it at the big book sellers. Then I couldn't find it in the rare book sellers. I live in a city where there is 3 million people. No one. Finally I found one of the three volumes on a bookshelf near where I live.

Liquid coal is another solution to the energy problem. But isn't it just possible that this is another red herring, laid down by the Saudi interests in our government - to keep people miling about and purchasing their oil?    People have seen the electric car killed off, they pay too much for hybrids, and american auto manufacturers, even to the point of driving them to near bankruptcy - continue to make gas guzzling cars that people really would prefer not to drive. Tokyo seems to be free of the grip of the Saudi lobby, and they are home to the worlds largest and most profitable automaker , that continually turns out green cars. America seems to struggle with the alternatives, hydrogen, hybrids, ethanol, electrics and now coal?

The bookstores I went to , were huge. There were thousands of books. I am beginning to wonder if the matrix has us. Liquid coal, to me, seems to be .. just short of a joke. Throwing more pollution in the air? Am I wrong? Will this be something that will be a bad move?  I have learned from a long time ago that
one of the ways that bad people win the game is to rig it. Suppose liquid coal is just another dodge, like trash books that eventually end up in the bargain bin while the controversial books that would ask of us a bit more than docile submission - are 'special order only'.  

Is liquid coal a shill for the saudis? Will it die, because it is made to die , as a possible source of fuel. Or is it for real? Can someone help me with this. I can't seem to put the pieces together..

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It Wasn't About The Oil

    A White House spokesman, Tony Fratto, said Bush expressed confidence in al-Maliki during a telephone call Monday to the Iraqi leader.

    He said the two talked about political progress in Iraq, and al-Maliki gave Bush updates on two key U.S. demands -- legislation to share Iraq's oil wealth among its regions and ethnic groups and a reform of the constitution.

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Oil and Peace in Iraq

     If one of the pillars of peace in Iraq is oil revenue sharing we might be in for a long, long war.  Except for a few empty phrases like ownership without power, Bush's plan calls for the Iraqis to trade 100% of the oil revenues and total control of the oil fields for 12.5% of the revenues and zero control of the oil fields.  
     Paul Wolfowitz said that the Iraqi oil would pay for the invasion, maybe this is what he had in mind.  Oil might not have been the reason for the invasion but it seems that it is the price we are demanding the Iraqis pay for the "de-invasion." 

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    News was reported by Technology Review that U.S. off-shore drilling equipment had successfully been "refined" and tested in waters more than "7000 feet deep," able to dig "28,175 feet," sustaining "15,000- 20,000 pounds of pressure." This drilling equipment will be used in the near future by three major U.S. oil companies to extract an estimated 3 - to - 15 billion gallons of oil from the Gulf of Mexico, which would raise the U.S. oil reserves by "up to 50%."
     What is the reason oil is used in your car's engine instead of water or air? It acts as a coolant and lubricant for all the metal parts in the engine. Oil boils at a much higher temperature than water, making it an ideal liquid for the high intensities of heat the engine produces. What happens when the oil is taken out (or leaks out)? Your engine heats up and seizes. If I ask you to take the oil out of your vehicle's engine so I could use it to sell for a sizable profit, you would probably tell me to get bent (or other choice words to your choosing). This may seem like a foolish question to ask, but more relevant than you might think.

  Imagine earth as an engine. It has a hot molten core and many different layers of rock that shift, a process scientist refer to as plate tectonics. Far below the Earth's surface there are large deposits of oil. The oil acts as a coolant protecting outer layers from the hot molten core, preventing overheating. The oil acts as a lubricant for rock - on - rock cold play. When you take the oil out all you have is air and vapors. Being an aircraft mechanic myself, I know that if the jet engine oil system is not bled of air properly, there is a great chance for increased friction of the gears and eventual breakdown of parts.  

  If we can infer the basic mechanical laws of a car (or jet) engine are similar to the laws of mechanical earth, we than can deduce that there is a direct correlation in the depletion of oil reserves, to the increasing temperatures of the earth's outer crust. If the lack of oil contributes to degree changes on the upper layers, could this explain why ice caps are melting so rapidly in Alaska, a major area for oil extraction? Could this be a major cause of global warming scientists might have overlooked? I know when I look up all day, sometimes I forget to look down.

Oil companies have been extracting fossil fuels from the earth since the 1870's. Just imagine how many gallons of heat inhibiting oil had been drained from the earth already. Now these oil companies are about to take 3 - to - 15 billion gallons more of oil out of the earth's engine. With that much empty space where the oil once was, the earth will either heat to unstable temperatures, melting what is left of the caps, cause increased amounts of seismic and volcanic activity or just cave in like an old coal mine.

My advice to remedy this potential catastrophe would be to start researching different effects oil extraction has on global warming. If this theory proves correct, sanctions should be implemented on ceasing fossil fuel drilling immediately. Also alternate forms of energy such as ethanol, wind and nuclear power should be exclusively used to prevent further destruction of the earth's engine. Lastly, synthetic or recycled fossil fuels should be placed back into the giant holes, which might re-stabilize the earth's temperature.

Mike Lindy- contributing writer

Urstadt, Bryant. "Going Deeper For More Oil," Technology Review on the Web 12 Sept. 2006, 14 Sept. 2006 <>.

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Obama - Actions Speak Louder than Words

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On his website, Sen. Obama states, "Will we stand by while drought and famine, storms and floods overtake our planet? Or will we look back at today and say that this was the moment when we took a stand? That this was the moment when we began to turn things around?"

An excellent question, to which I must respond with a question of my own. Why the hell are you championing liquid coal technology? For those of you unclear, or confused about this idea, here's a little background:

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