Ohio Senate, Shame on Sherrod

Grown Ohio.  First they scrubbed their website when Sherrod Brown flip-flopped on entering the Senate race.  Now they've posted an edited version of Congressman Brown's speech to a candidates' forum in Columbus.   No wonder.  Sherrod actually said Bush and Company are doing a pretty good job with body armor in Iraq now.

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Let MoveOn.org know that you Support Thor!

Thor Jacobs is a small businessman, a local football hero, and a concerned American with extensive experience living and studying in the Middle East, including Iraq.  He is an advocate of privacy rights, a balanced budget, and a timetabled withdrawal of American troops in Iraq.  Check out Thor's website for more information on his life and his stances on various issues.

MoveOn.org is looking to endorse a strong Democratic candidate for Congress to defeat Jean Schmidt in Ohio's Second Congressional District this November.  Voters can help MoveOn reach a decision by filling out a form in favor of their favorite candidate.  A MoveOn endorsement would offer critical support in fundraising and awareness, so let MoveOn know that you support Thor and click the link below!

MoveOn Poll

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Madeira Dems Candidate Forum: Congress, OH-02

Put this in your calendars.  On February 22nd, at 7 PM, there will be a forum at the Madeira Library on Miami road for the five Democratic candidates running for Congress in the second district: Gaby Downey, Thor Jacobs, Jim Parker, Jeff Sinnard, and Victoria Wulsin.  Though this election will be tough, Jean Schmidt's overwhelming unpopularity coupled with the right candidate could make it competitive. It will be interesting to see the changes (if any) in the messages and presentation of Parker, Sinnard, and Wulsin since their respective runs last summer in the primary, which Paul Hackett won. It will also be a great introduction into Downey, a teacher, and Jacobs, a businessman. So, come on out!

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Hackett was a Republican till Howard Dean

I don't have a problem with it though it's sorta creepy that Hackett voted for GW Bush and against Billy Clinton. I think we got to pull these people over to our side. Even if Hackett loses, it's a good indication that he's now a Democrat:

There's no question Paul Hackett is a fresh face and fast-rising star in the Democratic Party. Turns out he's fresher than most. The tough-talking Iraq War veteran from Cincinnati didn't officially declare himself a "D" until nearly two years ago, a few weeks shy of his 42nd birthday.  Election records in Hamilton County show that Hackett, now campaigning against Rep. Sherrod Brown for his party's U.S. Senate nomination, first picked up a Democratic ballot for the presidential primary between Howard Dean, John Kerry and John Edwards on March 2, 2004. In two earlier primaries during the 1990s, records show, Hackett had asked for Republican ballots.

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Beating Bob Ney of Ohio

OH-18:  Democrat Zack SpaceLEADS Rep. Bob Ney in GOP internal polling reports the Washington Post.

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