Hackett dropping out of race

That's the word coming out of Ohio. Paul Hackett is going to gun down Mean Jean, according to news reports breaking the story here in Cincy right now.

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OH-02 Dem Candidates

Yes, folks: Jean Schmidt needs to go.  Here are the Democratic candidates vying to replace her.

Gaby Downey
-high school social studies teacher

Thor Jacobs
-construction company owner

Jim Parker
-health care administrator

Jeff Sinnard
-civil engineer

Victoria Wulsin (Wiki article)
-public health doctor

I like what I've seen in Thor Jacobs, and I am volunteering (in the no-money sense) some of my time for his campaign.  That said, I also intend to post information about all the candidates and the race in general.  Any election involving one of the most notorious and behated Republicans in the country should generate significant fundraising and media attention.   The Republicans dislike Schmidt and she'll most likely emerge weakened from a bitter primary with Bob McKewen and possibly Tom Brinkman.  So, while Hackett vs. Brown (and later, the winner vs. DeWine) heats up, let's keep our eyes on 0H-02.

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Ohio 14th

As I am sure most of you saw. Three more Republicans were recently entangled in the Abramoff probe. Of particular interest to me is Ohio Representative Steven LaTourette. While not usually considered vulnerable, this whiff of an Abramoff thing is all it takes to push the race into the competitive category. The question is can we come up with a candidate and a message to make this one a legit race? More on the flip.

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More Republican Graft Emerges

The list of Republicans enriching themselves through public service just grew by two this week as additional members of the Taft administration in Ohio have been charged with failing to disclose direct cash payments from an indicted GOP insider. James Drew and Steve Eder have the story for The Toledo Blade.

Franklin County prosecutors today filed misdemeanor charges against two former senior aides to Governors Bob Taft and George Voinovich.

H. Douglas Talbott and Douglas Moormann were charged after becoming embroiled in scandal because of their ties to Tom Noe.

Mr. Talbott was charged with two counts of violating state ethics law for failing to disclose a $39,000 payment he received from Tom Noe in September, 2002, which Mr. Talbott said was a loan to help buy a vacation home in Lakeside, Ohio. He left the governor's office in May, 2000, to become a lobbyist.


Mr. Moormann was charged with one misdemeanor for failing to disclose a $5,000 loan he received from Mr. Noe in 2004 after he had left the governor's office, said Lara Baker, chief legal counsel in the Columbus prosecutor's division.

Republicans like to say that all of these scandals -- from allegations of Tim Noe's embezzlement to Jack Abramoff's bribery to Tom DeLay's money laundering to Randy "Duke" Cunningham's sale of Congressional acts to Ernie Fletcher's improper hiring techniques to David Safavian's unlawful activities -- are unconnected and that, further, scandals affecting individual members of a party are not likely to affect other members of that party.

First off, the contention that these scandals are not connected is unfounded, as the folks at TPM Cafe have been detailing for some time. The second contention -- that a scandal involving one member of a party might not affect the electoral strength of another member of the party -- perhaps contains an iota of truth. But while this might be true to an extent, there comes a point at which the cumulative affect of all of these scanals begins to hit both the party as a whole and the individual members of the party. The GOP is coming dangerously close to this point, and the continual flow of new stories of Republican graft isn't doing much to dispell the notion that the GOP and its members are corrupt.

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OH-18: Online video of Democratic candidate Zack Space speaking after receiving Party's endorsement

Here is an online streaming video of Democratic candidate Zack Space giving a speach after receiving the endorsement of the 18th district's largest county Democratic Party.


Since many of you live outside of Ohio, this is a good chance to see a high quality Democratic candidate like Zack Space. You can visit Zack's web site at www.ZackSpace.org. Contribute today to ensure victory this fall!

"Zack Space received the endorsement of the Tuscarawas County Democratic Party. Joining Zack are Rep. John Boccieri (L), Rep. Allan Sayre (R), and former Senate Minority Leader Greg DiDonato who has also endorsed Zack." The video clip is hosted at YouTube.com.


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