Last word: Paul Hackett was Lazy

I finally found someplace that spoke the truth. This entire sorrid story comes down to the fact that Hackett wouldn't sit on his ass and raise money:

People associated with Hackett's campaign say they still believe Hackett could have beaten Brown, but only if he could have raised enough to set aside about $1 million for TV ads. One of their biggest obstacles to banking that money, they said, was that Hackett hated fund raising.

While most candidates share that feeling, people familiar with Hackett's campaign say he was especially resistant to efforts by aides to get him to use one of the most efficient but unpleasant fund raising techniques: sitting at the phone for hours, calling friends, relatives, and strangers to ask for money. Tension over the problem led in January to the departure of his finance director.

If you can't sit on your ass (cell phones sort of change it) and raise money 4-6 hours every day as a US Senate candiate today, you will lose. Hackett lost. I know this for a fact. I gave money to Paul Hackett in the special, and I never got a phone call from him asking for dough.

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Blackwell sucks

If there is a worse, more confusing election set up than that presided over by J. Kenneth Blackwell in Ohio I haven't found it in this country.

It says volumes that republicans in Ohio are publicly fearful of Blackwell and his tricks.  Not only did his memorandum" set off a stampede of new petitions, but his actions as a whole have set off fear throughout the state among both Republicans and Democrats.  Look at the major Ohio papers like the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Columbus Dispatch, and Cincinatti Enquirer and it seems like at least half the "politics" stories are involved with Blackwell's chicanery around the filling deadline.  Half of em.

To be fair, Ohio has a crazy system in place.  The state is responsible for statewide offices but the responsibility for Congressional Districts is split between county boards and Kenneth Blackwell.  No convenient place exists to see who has filed for Congress.  Ohio, after all, has 88 counties and most of its 18 congressional districts cross county lines.  The formal bar is set very low ($85 and 50 "valid" signatures) but formal has little to do with it.

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OH Sen: Neutralizing Ohio's Netroots

I found this diary at Daily Kos.  I have heard the same story from multiple sources, so I know it is true.  Sad, but true.

Sherrod Brown's swiftboating Paul Hackett was just the latest in a long line of Rovian tactics by a supposed progressive.  Before this, Brown managed to get Ohio's most popular blogger fired just because he dared post the truth about Brown's campaign.

Awhile back, Buckeye Politics, the most popular blog in Ohio, went dark.  There was no indication why.  Here's the real story.

According to numerous sources inside and outside the campaign, Sherrod Brown directed his staff to do opposition research on a local blogger (among other folks who opposed Brown).

They turned up past legal issues on the blogger.  Then they pitched the story to every news outlet in Cleveland.  They even faxed the information to a radio station when the blogger was supposed to appear.

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My Interview With Paul Hackett

Yesterday I spent part of the morning talking to Paul Hackett in his Ford Truck outside of Hackett for Senate HQ. Here's the conversation:


Renee in Ohio has started a transcript: Part 1 | Part 2

This has been a real tough one for me. I've been convering Paul online longer than anyone. It was obvious the first moment I heard him that he was something different. A spark that could lead to real  change in Ohio. It's hard to watch someone that I admire so much taking such a beating from his own team. It amazes me that as angry as he was at his Party, he still holds true to his faith in the process and the values that his Party stands for.

Down, but not out.

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Ohio Senate Debacle, etc.

Several of my points about the "Valentine's Day Massacre" have been stated in insightful and articulate terms elsewhere, so excuse the somewhat redunant quality of this post.  Nevertheless, here it goes...The party's decision to oust Hackett was obviously disgraceful, incompetent, and disillusioning.  Like many, this debacle has given me a whole new understanding of the corrupt machinations behind politics.  To quote Mrs. Editor"I feel like Ive now seen how the sausage is made and I can never eat it again."

 I suppose that I could excuse the immorality of the whole proceeding had the ends justified the means in a substantial way.  But the division and weakness which the party's actions have reaped upon Democratic primary voters is downright suicidal.  The decision has simultaneously created the irreparable wounds characteristic of a full-out nasty primary without any of the positive aspects of the primary process (candidate competition, voter excitement, the campaigns polishing their themes and presentation).  A total lose-lose move.  Sherrod Brown, who behaved like a spoiled, petulant child from the very beginning of this mess, ultimately suffers from this in the general.  Then again there wouldn't be a Brown vs. DeWine matchup had Brown not pulled this stunt.  From Brown and Schumer's point of view: better to suffer and lose in the general than to have lost in the primary and never have had a chance.  

Meanwhile, I encourage everyone to check out the interview that Hackett did with OH-02.  Even worn down, publicly humiliated, and betrayed by the party he loves, Paul Hackett manages to inspire.  I would say that he's the next best thing to Clinton, but I think Hackett is actually a better, more genuine human being than Clinton.  NixGuy, a conservative blogger, even makes that comparison in an all-around brilliant and chilling post.  I will excerpt it here.

"Occasionally lightning strikes and a politician comes along that can do two things, excite the activist base while not arousing intense feelings of loathing among the moderate and conservative public. This kind of politician gives the base what they want and talks a good game to the rest of us. Bill Clinton was this kind of gifted politician. I think Paul Hackett was shaping up exactly the same way. The Ohio Democratic party just goofed big time.

Mixed feelings for me, on one hand it's good that the Democrats are that much further away from doing anything in Ohio, on the other hand, it is definitely NOT good to have nothing to run against. The Republicans will become fat lazy and stupid if they are not there already."

Isn't it amazing how Republicans view Brown? As literally nothing...

In terms of looking forward to the future, there has got to be a way that the grassroots can exert its presence and power.  I haven't figured out how just yet, but I know that the answer cannot lie in simply boycotting Sherrod Brown and the Ohio Democratic Party.  That solution does not make sense to me logically, even though it appeals to me emotionally.  There has to be a way, and we must find out what that way is.

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