OH-06: Can Charlie Wilson pull off a write-in campaign?

Check this out: http://www.cqpolitics.com/2006/02/oh_6_d emocrat_wilson_back_in_r.html

Ohio State Sen. Charlie Wilson, the leading Democratic candidate for Ohio's open 6th Congressional District being vacated by Rep. Ted Strickland (D) to run for Governor, fell 4 signatures short of what he needed to get on the May 2 Democratic primary ballot, but apparently has decided to pursue a write-in campaign. Given that he was by far the frontrunner for the nomination, and given how well-known his name is in the region, he could pull it off, as DC Mayor Anthony Williams did after a similar ballot screw-up in 2002.

If Wilson is able to win the primary as a write-in candidate, he will then appear on the November 7 general election ballot as the Democratic candidate, even though he didn't get the number of signatures to qualify for the primary ballot, a dumbheaded move for such a serious candidate.

Anyway, we'll know how his effort went on May 2. But for now, I am really hoping he can win this primary. He is popular in the district and polls indicated that he would probably win when matched up against Republican anointee Chuck Blasdel. But if he can't win the primary as a write-in, the contest goes from "leans Democratic" to "likely Republican". Very bad.

So let's hope that despite his ballot screw-up, he wins the nomination. It's certainly not far-fetched given his name recognition, and we need it to happen if we want to keep this seat.

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Well-Attended Bush Protest for DeWine Fundraiser in Cincinnati

Bush opponents gathered at the Madeira Library from 2-5 today to protest Bush's visit to Indian Hill for a DeWine fundraise.  A large and diverse group of protestors attended- from goth punks to Sierra Club to old liberals to college professors to union members to rowdy high school students.  Lots of familiar faces from the Hackett campaign too- including Jody Grundie, father of David Grundie, a Marine who served with Hackett in Iraq.  I talked with some folks about the Brown/Hackett debacle, and they are all extremely pissed.  OH-02 congressional candidate Jeff Sinnard was there, protesting with a double-sided sign.  One side protested domestic spying; the other was a Sinnard-for-Congress sign.  When I asked him what he thought about Brown/Hackett, he said that he thought that Hackett got his comeuppance because he remembers how the Hamilton County Democrats interfered with the congressional primary  by endorsing Hackett over Sinnard and the other Democrats last summer.  All in all, it was a great turnout- a good mix of young, old, middle-aged, the "radical" and the "normal." The press (Enquirer, Dayton Daily-News, Community Press, Channel 5, Channel 9) was there and I'm looking forward to the reports that come out.

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Still no rage on potential OH-6 disaster!

Read the piece linked here and weep!

Most folks seem to think that, come November, each party will be a couple of seats away from controlling the US House. The lefty 'sphere has rightly been proclaiming a 50 state strategy for months. No stone unturned. Every district counts.

And a bunch of Dem morons in OH quite likely have managed by their gross incompetence to ensure that OH-6 - #5 in the National Journal list of the 25 most vulnerable House seats (my earlier piece) - stays in the GOP column!

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Where's the screaming about ANOTHER fubar in OH?

Nothing to do with Diebold or Hackett this time.

And I'd have known nothing but for a couple of posts on the Breaking Blue page this and this.

If these stories are right, the Dem (I laughingly call) machine in OH has screwed up on a galactic scale.

In two Congressional districts, OH-6 and OH-16, Dem candidates have failed to secure the signatures required by Ohio law to get on the ballot before the time-limit ran out.

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Hackett Pulls Out; DeWine Goes Up in Ohio. Great job DSCC!

As if it wasn't bad enough that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) pressured Iraq vet Paul Hackett out of the U.S. Senate race in Ohio, now comes even WORSE news.   According to a just-released Rasmussen Poll on the Ohio Senate contest, it now looks like incumbent Sen. Mike DeWine (R) is the only one who's benefited from this fiasco.   DeWine now leads Sherrod Brown, who was annointed as THE ONE by the brilliant minds over at the DSCC, by 9 percentage points (46%-37%).  This compares to DeWine's 5-point lead (45%-40%) over Brown - and 4-point lead (43%-39%) over Hackett - a month ago.  Hey, great work DSCC guys!

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