Ohio Attorney General candidate needs grassroots support

I'm posting today to share a message to the grassroots from Subodh Chandra, one of the Democratic candidates for Attorney General in the state of Ohio.

But before I post what  Subodh has to say, I think it's important to give a little background. I was only vaguely aware of Subodh's name, and the fact that a number of people seemed to have good things to say about him after hearing him speak, until the day after Paul Hackett dropped out of the race for Senate. That day, Hackett did an in-depth interview with Ohio 2nd blog, in which one of the things discussed was the fact that other candidates perceived as "outsiders" were not being supported by the Ohio Democratic Party, and he gave Subodh Chandra as an example.

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BOB NEY: One more nail in the coffin

The day after Democratic frontrunner Joe Sulzer called on Ney to resign if named in the Abramoff investigation Vanity Fair releases early edition of Abramoff Story.

Today the advanced copy of the Abramoff article in the April issue of Vanity Fair was released and has since spread like wildfire.

The article states, "The most obvious target is Ney.  In their heyday, he and Abramoff played golf together, traveled together, philosophized together.  Ney was one of the few elected officials Abramoff invited to the Bar Mitzvah of one of his three sons."

Yet Ney claims he was "duped"

Perhaps the most disturbing of statements came further in the story,
"Rather than going for Ney immediately, prosecutors appear to be encircling him, possibly striking plea deals with frightened staffers, themselves desperate to stay out of jail."

"Abramoff's perch was Table 40, where the movers and shakers of official Washington came to him.  `It was like Frank Sinatra,' recalls Monty Warner, a republican media strategist who remains friendly with Abramoff.  `I can remember Ney coming up and groveling, saying how much he enjoyed a golf outing or skybox or ball game, and really appreciated Jack's support.'"

Even still Ney claims he was "misled"

"It states [the plea agreement] that in exchange for `a stream of things of value'- foreign and domestic travel, golf fees, food, jobs for relatives, and both campaign contributions and a contribution to the National Republican Campaign Committee at his request- Ney became Abramoff's fixer on Capitol Hill.

Now more than ever Joe Sulzer needs your help.  Given Ney's clear ability to sink to the lowest levels we need your help to make sure we beat him in November.

Sign Joe's Petition Now!

Contribute Now!


*posted by campaign staff

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Thor Jacobs Grassroots Campaign Kickoff!

Beating Jean Schmidt begins on the ground.  Join Democratic congressional candidate, Thor Jacobs and other grassroots activists on Saturday, March 11th for a meet-n-greet and neighborhood canvass.  This will be a chance for volunteers to meet Thor and his field team, learn more about the campaign's strategy for winning, and help us launch our grassroots campaign.  RSVP to campaign manager, Tiffany Ellis at tiffany@jacobsforcongress.org  

When: Saturday, March 11th 11:00am--2:30pm

Where: Jacobs for Congress Campaign Headquarters--347 Stanley Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45226 (on the Southwest corner of the Stanley Ave. and Columbia Pkwy intersection, across the street from Starbucks coffee)map

Hope to see all of you there!

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Sulzer, Redfern call on Ney to resign if named in Abramoff investigation

Today frontrunner Joe Sulzer (democratic congressional candidate) and Ohio Democratic Party Chairman Chris Redfern called for Bob Ney to immediately resign from the U.S. House if his name is so much as whispered by corrupt lobbyist and convicted felon, Jack Abramoff.

Joe and Chris encouraged citizens to take an active role in the fight to restore ethics and values to Congress by signing Joe's petition.

"I encourage you to sign my petition calling for Ney's resignation if Abramoff names him. The ongoing investigation of Ney's corruption is keeping him from doing the job that we elected him to do."
-Joe Sulzer

Redfern continued, "We didn't elect him to take golfing trips to Scotland, wine and dine with corrupt lobbyists, and raise money for his legal defense fund. We need a Congressman who can focus on the needs of Ohio, instead of raising money for his mounting legal defense."
-Chris Redfern, ODP Chairman

Ney has already spent more than $125,000 in legal fees.

CLICK HERE Sign Joe's petition and help bring back ethics to Washington!

Make a contribution

*posted by campaign staff

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Clermont County Democrats Candidate Forum

Yesterday, Thor joined many other national and statewide Ohio candidates at the Clermont County Democrats Candidate Forum.  He spoke about the need for a swift conclusion to the War in Iraq, drawing upon his experience in the Middle East.  As a small business owner, Thor also gave his insights into the link between affordable healthcare and economic growth.  

After the candidate speeches, Thor talked and mingled with various people in attendance.

Other candidates included Sherrod Brown (U.S. Senate) Richard Cordray (Ohio Treasury) A.J. Wagner (Ohio Supreme Court) Jennifer Brunner (Ohio Secretary of State) and the other congressional candidates for Ohio, District 2: (Gaby Downey, Jim Parker, Jeff Sinnard, and a surrogate for Dr. Victoria Wulsin).  

Sherrod Brown, candidate for U.S. Senate, Ohio

Gaby Downey, candidate for Congress, Ohio 2nd District

The event marked yet another successful event and warm reception for Thor as he prepares to kick off his grassroots field effort on Saturday, March 11th from 11:00-3:00.

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