OH-04: The Real Cost of Charter Schools

Last week, the Columbus Dispatch had a great article on the amount of taxpayer money some private charter schools are pocketing.  One politically-connected charter school company takes a whopping 1/3 of taxpayer money for profit and management fees each year!  That's $15.3 million dollars of your money that could have gone to better public education.

This misuse of taxpayer money was put into practice by some of the same irresponsible Republicans who have thrice ignored the Ohio Supreme Court's warning that our public school funding system is unconstitutional.

And, to make matters worse, these charter schools have lower education standards than public schools in Ohio.  

Now, I don't pretend to have all the answers to our education challenges in Ohio.  I'm thankful we have elected school boards to administer the nitty-gritty of educating the next generation in Ohio.  But a few things seem to be pretty common-sense when it comes to education.

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Did he really say this?

I'm on the outside looking in on this story and do not know the truth to the statements or how much play they have gotten (or if this has been brought up on MyDD already)... But it would seem Merrill Kaiser, Democratic senate candidate from Ohio, doesn't have a very charming view of gays... he actually thinks they should be put to death.

Flickr Account and Blog Pics

Check out Thor's new Flickr account. This will be where we store all of the campaign photos from various events from now on.

Also, you can help spread the word about Thor's campaign by copying and pasting these images onto your blog and then adding a hyperlink to the Jacobs for Congress website.


Minor tweaking with the blog buttons and a new "Beat Jean" blog button.

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About Gerrymandering: Good Politics Is Good Policy

Gerrymandering has shaped American politics since February 11, 1812, when the Massachusetts legislature enacted a law to redistrict the state. A bill was proposed, and passed, by the majority Democratic Party over the vehement protests of the minority Federalists. In the following election, the Federalists garnered over 1,000 more votes than the Democrats, an outcome that resulted in sending 29 Democrats and 11 Federalists to the state senate.

Hence, the Democrats seized more than two thirds of the state senate but received fewer votes than the Federalists. In response to these events, The Boston Gazette, invented the term "gerrymander" after Elbridge Gerry, the Democratic governor, and the salamander, which the most convoluted district supposedly resembled. The politics of gerrymandering only grew in absurdity.

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Thor Meet 'n' Greet: Great Success

Thor Jacobs supporters gathered today at his campaign office in Columbia-Tusculum to meet Thor and begin launching the grassroots volunteer effort.  Following a breakfast at the Clermont County Democrats, Thor arrived at the office around 11:30 and greeted supporters, volunteers, and staff over coffee and donuts.  

Around 1:00, canvassers headed out to neighborhoods in Hyde Park and Mt. Lookout targeting Democratic and independent voters...

The meet 'n' greet also unveiled Thor's beautiful campaign banners and bullhorn...

...Learn more about how you can help!...And thanks to everyone who came out today to make Thor's official campaign kickoff a success!

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