Plain-Dealer Poll: Bush is Poison All Over Ohio

The Cleveland Plain-Dealer today released the results of a statewide poll it had Mason-Dixon take concerning Ohioans opinion of George Bush.  The results from the state that gave him the White House in 2004 is devastating.  Two thirds of Ohioans thought Bush's performance was either Poor or Fair while only 8% thought Bush was excellent and 25% thought his performance was good.  More than five times as many Ohioans though Bush was Poor than thought he was excellent.

Although Bush did worst in Northeast Ohio he lost every poll grouping: NW, Central, and SW Ohio, Men Women, Whites and Blacks.  Statistically, no blacks gave Bush an excellent rating and only 2% rated him Good while 24% of blacks rated him Fair and 74% gave him a Poor rating.  The numbers for Northeast Ohio were almost as bad with only 6% excellent and 16% Good vs. 20% Fair and 58% Poor.  Bush lost Central Ohio 67-33, Northwest Ohio 59-41, and Southwest Ohio 59-41.  On a statewide basis he lost Males 63-37, Females 71-29, Whites 63-37, and Blacks 98-2.

On a fund-raising note, Michael Douglas hosted a concert for Dennis Kucinich.  Contributors included Mr. and Mrs. Willie Nelson who sent $2,100 each ($4,200).  Laura Bush is hosting a higher-priced gig (or should I say higher-Pryced) for embattled US Rep. Deborah Pryce.  Mary Jo Kilroy must be making plenty of noise.

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OH-02: Jean Schmidt is a Pathological Liar

Originally posted at Swing State defines a pathological liar as "a person who lies to the point of it being considered a disease or condition, an abnormally habitual liar." Most politicians tend to stretch the truth a bit while they are in office. Whether is is George Bush's assertion that "Iraq has WMD's" or Bill Clinton's "I did not have sexual relations with that woman." examples can be found throughout American history. The distinction lies in the last part of the definition quoted above: an abnormally habitual liar.

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Ohio Gov, Sen numbers.

I saw these numbers over at Swing state Ohio blog so thought i would share them. If they have allready been put here i'm sorry i'll delete this post but if not check it out:

The poll was done by Rasmussen.

Ohio Governor:

Strickland (D) 52% (50)
Blackwell (R)  35% (40)

Ohio Senate:

Dewine (R) 43% (45)
Brown (D) 41% (42)

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OH-Attorney General: Support Chandra

Cross Posted at Swing State Ohio

Subodh Chandra has a new campaign ad that is quickly gaining a lot of attention. The video is a Simpson's spoof that compares Subodh to Apu and Marc Dann to Homer. Click here to view the video.

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7 Days. 7 Counties.

The Jacobs for Congress campaign is launching a 7-counties-7-day field strategy to take back the second district from the corruption and disgrace of Jean Schmidt and the Republican Party.  Like the 88 county strategy in Ohio and Howard Dean's 50-state strategy, this field operation will reach voters directly through canvassing, phonebanking, and mail in every country from Scioto to Hamilton.  Local leaders at the grassroots as well as five full-time field operators and four full-time canvassers will be critical to our success!  

1. We need your financial support to make this plan a reality.  We want to raise $7,000 in the next 48 hours to expand this field program.  It's a strong goal- just like our vision.

2.  We need your time.  Sign up today for a volunteer opportunity near you.  

Seven Days.  Seven Counties.

With your help, Thor will win on May 2nd- and we'll all win when Democrats sweep the nation on November 7th.

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