Turner Violates Election Law in OH-3

Congressman Mike Turner made repeated trips into the polling place in Dayton, Ohio (Montgomery County Board of Elections) today, in violation of voting regulations.

After several trips, individuals began photographing Congressman Turner, and the Mitakides for Congress campaign notified the Board of Elections.

Additonally, his representatives told voters he was "endorsed by Barack Obama" and was "the Democratic candidate." Eventually, a lawyer was summoned to stop the deceit.

The crowd was heavily Democratic -- voting has been 15-to-1 declared Dems over GOP -- and Turner's attempts to intimidate and confuse voters are just the latest of the GOP's "steal Ohio" tactics.

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I have compiled a list of good candidates in twenty states based on my own research, Progressive Majority, and the Indigenous Democratic Network. This is in NO WAY intended to be comprehensive for any of these states, and I may re-post as new endorsements and new states get updated. But I am one person trying to do all I can. I think there are some fabulous candidates, from Senate right down to school board, in many of these states. So please vote for these candidates, spread the word in your state (if appropriate), and add your own endorsements. Again, don't rag on me if I missed some one. I know I missed people. But I did the best round up I could of as many states as I could and am on the verge of collapsing.

Please pass this along.

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Where are the candidates today, and what does it mean?

(Cross-posted at Clintonistas for Obama)

You can tell a lot about candidates' internal polling, which at this point surely involves knowledge of early polling results, by where their campaigns are sending them during the last days of the campaign.  

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McCain in Columbus: Epic Fail

The Straight Talk Express rolled into Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio tonight--literally. It was a stark contrast to Bush's appearance in the same venue in 2004, which was filled to capacity with adoring fans, many of them fundies. This time, half the arena was blocked off by a curtain, and only maybe half the seats in the other half were filled. Maybe 5,000 in attendance tops.

What people were there were very uninspired. Cheerleaders tried in vain to get the crowd to chant "Country First"--it would go for a couple of rounds among very few people and then die out. Same with "USA USA." Even "O-H-I-O" was a non-starter. What I saw was a lot of bored people. It's like they know they're doomed & were going through the motions.


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What's Up At NewsLadder: Salon's "How Obama Might Just Win Ohio."

Friday at noon is when I check on NewsLadder and see what the top story is. Over the past month, we've had a remarkably successful run with the John McCain NewsLadder and since all signs point to this particular ladder not being so useful after next Tuesday, I thought today not only would I thank everyone at The Media Consortium who has helped make this ladder so successful, but also see what the top story is right now.

As of this morning, it is Salon's great article on "How Obama Might Just Win Ohio."

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