Barack Obama lived up to the polls.  He really didn't exceed them, but he is winning a huge victory in the Electoral College.  His margin it the popular vote currently stands at 51-48, the exact number that Bush put up in '04, but it likely will get a bit higher with the blue states of California, Washington, and Oregon recording a lot of votes.

Maybe pollsters aren't so crazy.  They coalesced around a 5-7 point margin and it looks like Obama will get to the low end of that spread.  Further, Obama may go well past 350 electoral votes.  He, at this minute, has small margins in North Carolina and Indiana.  Obama won all of the swing states, some by small margins.

Here are some things that happened and didn't happen.  There is not or only a very small "Bradley effect".  The Republican "brand" is tarnished as much as I have ever seen.  The economy is in terrible shape and the people want answers, not from Republicans.

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Fox News Has Just Called Ohio For Barack Obama

It's over.

Update [2008-11-4 21:24:2 by Jonathan Singer]: CBS News has joined the call.

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Twenty One State Endorsement List

This is an update on my previous list. I have compiled a list of good candidates in twenty states based on my own research, Progressive Majority, and the Indigenous Democratic Network. This is in NO WAY intended to be comprehensive for any of these states, and I may re-post as new endorsements and new states get updated. But I am one person trying to do all I can. I think there are some fabulous candidates, from Senate right down to school board, in many of these states. So please vote for these candidates, spread the word in your state (if appropriate), and add your own endorsements. Again, don't rag on me if I missed some one. I know I missed people. But I did the best round up I could of as many states as I could and am on the verge of collapsing.

Please pass this along and, if applicable, take any helpful info with you to the polls.

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Wisc AG Van Hollen hosts McCain 'victory' party

More evidence destroying the corrupt little shit called Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen.

Wisconsin is in the bag folks, no one is complacent here. We'll handle Van Hollen and the pricks.

From the Capital Times (Madison, Wis), John Nichols reports:

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Progressive Democrat Newletter Issue 188

This is it folks. Last few days of what I consider the third most important election of my lifetime. I put 2000 first because in many ways (terrorism and global warming in particular) the Supreme Court's seating Bush as President instead of Gore was a pivotal moment in world history...and a disastrous one for all of us. I'd say 2004 was second because then we had a shot at minimizing the damage from a Bush presidency. Now we need someone who can fix the mess and a strong majority of Americans believe Barack Obama is the person to do it.

Things look good. But take no chances. Once again I am posting the actions I have been asking people to do. I know lots of you have put time and money into this year's races. Just a few more days. Here, once again, is what you can do right now from your own home to boost our chances of winning.

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