Ohio Community Needs Your Help to Ensure Green Future

In Wilmington, Ohio, Sherry Barrett is crying.

Like many areas in the United States, Sherry's hometown of Wilmington, Ohio has been devastated by the economic meltdown.  Local employer DHL Express will close its factory on January 30, laying off 8,200 workers like Sherry.  In a city of 12,000, with thousands more in the surrounding area, you can bet Sherry isn't the only one crying.

But if you don't enjoy watching Sherry and other Wilmington residents cry, you're not alone -- two recent college grads from Wilmington don't much like it either.  Their bold solution: ENERGIZE Clinton County, a bold plan to revitalize Wilmington by recruiting green businesses and turning the county into Ohio's first "Green Enterprise Zone." Over the flip, I'll tell you how they plan to do it, and what you can do to help.

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Election Reform: Universal Registration and Early Voting Take Lead in Voting Rights Discussions

Cross-posted at Project Vote's blog, Voting Matters

Weekly Voting Rights News Update

By Erin Ferns

Following one of the most momentous elections in the nation's history, officials and advocates across the country are already turning their attention to the future of American democracy. After a grueling battle over voter registration, voter roll maintenance, and ballot access for the ever growing electorate, leaders and advocates are evaluating what worked this year and considering major administrative and legislative overhauls before coming elections.

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Progressive Democrat Newletter Issue 189

Well, we won. Big time.

Obama even won Virginia (which didn't surprise me at all), North Carolina (which I am not TOO surprised at) and Indiana (which DID surprise me). Obama even won one of Nebraska's electoral votes (which get split). Missouri seems to have barely gone McCain. I was convinced Florida would be stolen again, but the Republican Governor of Florida, though a typical Republican otherwise, seems dedicated to fair elections. And Obama wound up getting almost 53% of the vote.

If you are like me and you grew up hearing the refrain, "America isn't ready for a black President," you now will never hear that again. America isn't just ready for one, it OVERWHELMINGLY is ready.

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Going Blue

Nothing ever stays exactly the same.  Each election, states change their partisan outlook.  Some move left and some move right, many stay quite far on the Democratic or Republican side.  

President-elect Obama certainly used a strategy that included more states and was rewarded by winning states that hadn't been carried by a Democratic presidential candidate in years--Indiana and Virginia.  However, some credit (particularly in Virginia) has to come from the "blueing" of the state.  Virginia has moved rapidly towards the Democratic party.  

There are several other states that are going blue.  This reflects well on the future of presidential elections, as long as the current Electoral College is in force.

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My Predictions Came True

In June, my brother posted this on DailyKos (since I had been banned there by then). He showed it to me last night and I sat down, kept a tally. 10 counties I thought Obama needed to win to win the Presidency. I figured that if these counties fell to Obama, he would win the state it's in and thus the Presidency.

I got nine out of ten. Take a look;

(here's the link to my brother's original post; http://www.dailykos.com/story/2008/6/16/ 31019/4810/881/535072

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