Is Obama Actually Dropping in Ohio?

When Quinnipiac released polling out of Ohio earlier this week showing Barack Obama's approval rating in the state falling to 49 percent, conservatives smiled with glee. But were they a bit hasty? Perhaps.

According to the latest Research 2000 survey commissioned by Daily Kos, President Obama's favorability rating stands at 59 percent in Ohio, with 35 percent viewing him unfavorably. To be clear, a favorability rating is a different metric than an approval rating -- but in the case of Barack Obama it is a metric that tracks fairly closely with his approval rating, sitting roughly 4 points higher on average. At the least, these numbers -- which unlike Quinnipiac's polling finds that President Obama remains popular with independents, with a 57 percent favorability rating within the demographic -- raise serious questions as to whether the media jumped too quickly on the results of the earlier survey to proclaim that the President was sinking in the Buckeye State.

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The Truth About John Kasich (website and video)

Former Lehman Brothers Managing Director and Fox News commentator John Kasich is announcing his campaign for Governor of Ohio this evening.

So earlier today, the Ohio Democratic Party unveiled a new website and web video discussing John Kasich's record at Lehman Brothers.

The website,, includes a web video, important articles, quotes, and a chance to subscribe to the John Kasich Times.

To learn more and get updates visit

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Election News Roundup: 4/21/09 - 4/28/09

Welcome to the second edition of Election News Roundup.  So far, we've had no new title suggestions and no volunteers to help, so I'm still looking for both!  I go away for most of the summer, so if someone would be willing to do it during that time, I would greatly appreciate it.

The news in this diary has been collected from last Tuesday until today, if you couldn't tell by the title.  If there is any outdated news, let me know.

On the Dailykos version, there is a poll which I will post the results of next week.

Before we start, ALERT: If you're from Pennsylvania, you may have been purged from the voter rolls, along with about 200,000 other PA voters.  53,000 were in Allegheny County alone.  If you're missing from the rolls, at this point in time you can't vote in the election on May 19, but it's still worth re-registering.  The Pittsburgh Tribune Review via Daily Voting News.

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One Week Left to Help Jobless Ohioans!

A week ago, I told you about Energize Clinton County, a grassroots organization run by two recent college graduates (Mark Rembert and Taylor Stuckert) who want to turn their economically devastated community of Clinton County into a Green Enterprise Zone (an idea created by Obama green jobs czar Van Jones).

Mark and Taylor's non-profit organization is currently one of ten candidates for five $10,000 Energize Your Community grants administered by Mountain Dew.  They have one week left to win this grant, which is awarded based on which of the ten community organizations get the most online votes.  I'll let Taylor and Mark take it from here, from an e-mail they sent me this evening:

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Tired of Tea Parties? Help Jobless Ohioans Without Leaving Your Computer!

It's been a few months since I brought you the story of Energize Clinton County, a grassroots organization in Wilmington, Ohio, dedicated to rebuilding the economically devastated town by turning it into a federally-sponsored Green Enterprise Zone.  The group's founders, recent college graduates Mark Rembert and Taylor Stuckert, deferred their Peace Corps service indefinitely to focus on giving back to the hometown.

Here's Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown talking about how impressed he is with Mark and Taylor:

Last week I held a conference call in my office with two very impressive young men who are a testament to what the Serve America Act is all about. Their names are Mark Rembert and Taylor Stuckert. ... In the midst of an economic disaster in their community, these two young men, Mark and Taylor, decided to serve. They are examples of what inspired this bill and what service to our country is all about.

Now, there's something new you can do to help Energize Clinton County in a big way.

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